The Purple Poncho at Lewiscraft

I think I mentioned this poncho some time ago. When I was a Lewiscraft store manager, my staff and I (as in all Lewiscraft stores) made lots of samples to demonstrate various arts and crafts. We used store stock and put the finished item on display. When the display was no longer needed, the maker was allowed  to keep what they had created.

I crocheted this poncho from the same yarn as my green shawl, except that the colour was purple. One of my staff (shown wearing it) was such a great help, when the store closed, I gave it to her. When my Crafty Friend heard about that, she went out and bought me the green yarn that ultimately became my favourite shawl (see that one in a previous post).

PurplePoncho 01

My staff and friend just after receiving the poncho she had admired!

I painted wooden beads as part of the fringe details; the paint was a metallic purple that matched the poncho and was lustrous in appearance. Painting beads isn’t easy; in the end, I opened an old wire coat hanger, strung the beads onto the bottom part, then used a foam brush to paint them. After the first coat dried, I added a second coat. The finished beads looked great with the poncho!


9 thoughts on “The Purple Poncho at Lewiscraft

  1. “The colour purple” a damned good movie and that poncho, is a damned good poncho! :). Great idea about the beads…if Mohamad (right coloured beads) won’t come to the mountain… sticl Mohamad onto a coat hanger and paint him the same colour as the mountain! Easy peasy really…anyone else up for a lesson in theology? 😉

    • Thanks! I love purple. The stores closed partly because crafting was entering a downturn and partly from being targeted by a non-Canadian chain. I loved helping customers learn new things and also find what they needed. But I didn’t earn enough to live on my own, so once we moved to this building, I would have had to find something else. But we all still miss it a lot. Change is harder when it’s not our choice, I guess.

    • Thsnks!! She did love it. I was originally planning to keep it for myself, but she really loved it! And, in the end, I love my green one more 🙂

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