A Serendipitous Stromboli for The May 2013 Virtual Vegan Potluck

This looks like the BEST Stromboli ever, thanks to Narf7! I will be making this soon myself. ~ Linne




I hope you enjoyed your flight over from Colorado in the U.S. where you just explored Reia’s wonderful culinary creation at The Cruelty Free Review to Sidmouth Tasmania. I guess you are all starting to know how Santa Claus feels on December 25th 😉

Welcome to Serendipity Farm for the May 2013 round of The Virtual Vegan Potluck. This is my very first time as a participant but I have avidly followed the previous 2 events and found a lot of amazing new vegan food blogs to tuck into my overstuffed RSS Feed Reader. If you want to check out a list of all of the participants in one fell swoop you can click here. Otherwise you can start off hungry and end up stuffed like Mr Creosote from the Monty Python movie “The Meaning of Life”. The trick is to eat slowly folks and not get overwhelmed…

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7 thoughts on “A Serendipitous Stromboli for The May 2013 Virtual Vegan Potluck

  1. Cheers for this Linnie, I am blushing :). My type A personality required me to go all out for my very first VVP entry. I am already cooking up my next entry! Lots of vegan alchemy going into it and a good chance to use my newfound camera skills (and Steve’s new camera…just don’t tell him I am touching his precious baby!) 😉

    • Well, I could tell from the recipe that I will love it! I’m a Type L (did you know there is such a thing? L for Laid-back!) I’m the happy tortoise who takes it easy, but gets there in the end (whenever that us . . .) 😉

      • Not me…I am twitching about trying to make things perfect before I throw them over the deck! Honestly is the best policy methinks! Very cathartic! 😉

      • I have it planned in triplicate…lots of phaffing around and hopefully an amazing recipe to share 🙂

    • Yes!! I haven’t had time to check out other recipes except for the Sweet Potato (Yam?) Fries, and those look wonderful, too . . .

      More for my ‘to-make’ list . . .

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