Into my third week of “retirement”……all set for winter!

More “life in the slow lane” . . . the life we used to have; lots to do, but less pressure and more rewards. Enjoy! ~ Linne


I am loving not working and am managing to keep VERY busy lol. There’s so much to do, however the preserving for the winter months has slowed down – there is very little left in the garden and once the fiejoas stop I think I’ll be done. Roger keeps saying he’ll bring home pears and quinces but I haven’t seen them yet.

He has a week off work coming up and is hoping to make the glasshouse he wants, out of recycled windows he’s been collecting for a long time. We need to get more seaweed from the beach to lay over the wintering garden. It’s just too cold here to grow much of anything in winter so the raised garden out in the front yard, in full sunlight, is all we’ll be using.

My kitchen is becoming quieter and more relaxed. We’re hoping we have managed to grow and…

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3 thoughts on “Into my third week of “retirement”……all set for winter!

    • You’re welcome. I thought for a long while that it was a vanishing lifestyle, as that attitude came under attack. Now I’m delighted to see more and more people choosing to value the ways that were ours for generations.

      • I think as more of us become disillusioned with our 21st century lifestyles a more grassroots ethos will return. Technological and industrial advances have caused us to lose sight of who we are! We are cultured, intelligent, highly trained, highly individualised animals, part of us will always be drawn back into nature is my belief…it is amazing that so many dream of a return to a simpler existence but so few of us hark to that call within! Time…. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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