A Slow Sunday . . . well, that was then . . .

Actually, it’s been a pretty slow couple of weeks. Sorry I haven’t posted; the week before last, when we had heavy grey skies and lots of rain, I loved the weather, but after an intense week with my Aunty, I was totally wiped out. I spent a lot of time lying on the couch reading or else ‘napping’. So now I’m way behind with my Feed Reader, who likely thinks I finally found my StarGate and absconded to fairer climes . . .

Here’s a few highlights of the past while, though. (just to make a contribution to your FeedReaders lol)

I thought the article below (well, link to it, anyway) was worth reading (and a bit scary). why should we have to ask suppliers what’s in every little thing they make? I’m more for a total boycott (mind you, I eat fast food so rarely, I suppose my actions won’t even be noticed!


I have been working on several of my hand-work projects. This:


has used up three skeins of yarn and now looks like this: 20130624-155806.jpg

Here’s a closeup of the edge: 20130624-155850.jpg

and a closeup of the yarn that I hope gives a better idea of the lovely colours: IMG_3337[1]

My variation of the Simple Garter Stitch Shawl: 20130624-155324.jpg

is now much larger and looks like this:


You can see that I’m using four sets of cable needles now. They are each 29″ long, including the ends.


Did you think I’d given up on the Mystery Project? Remember when there was only this:

20130508-052120.jpg and this:

20130514-183216.jpg and this:

20130511-184640.jpg ??? (and by the way, I’m not so happy with that very bright insert, so have figured out a way to cover it up (I’m way too lazy to take it apart and re-do that section). But I haven’t done it yet, so there’s nothing to show.

Still, this is the latest Mystery:

It began here: IMG_3408[1]

went on to here: IMG_3414[1]

and now is finished: IMG_3470[1]

. . . bet you’re still guessing . . . 😉

In between, while looking for some of the pieces I cut out to sew way back in December, I found this lovely bag again! My Mum wove the fabric that forms the body, then used fabric to make the ends and handles.


She gave it to me a while ago and I use it to hold a plastic bag with the makings of several knit Teddies that I’m making from Astra yarn. I use two balls for each, holding a strand from each, so the body is extra thick and holds the stuffing better. As I finish each, I have a portion of each ball left over. My plan for those is to make my first Fair Isle sweater using the hot pink as the background colour and the Teddy remnants for the patterns. I’m planning on creating my own designs, although some will be based on the traditional patterns. Lucky for me; while I was at my Crafty Friends’ place, Mrs. CF found one of my boxes they are storing for me and on the very top was my book with the history of Fair Isle knitting and lots of patterns! This one will be for myself and I plan to call it my Teddy Sweater. (jumper for my friends who speak the traditional language) 🙂

Later, I’d like to make another Fair Isle, this time using all wool yarns. If I’m very lucky (and industrious) I will be able to dye the colours myself. The only other sweater I’d like to make in the near future would be a Cowichan or Salish sweater, again with my own designs. I’ve already done one, but it was in shades of cream and brown; mine I would like to be far more colourful. We’ll see . . . that’s a far-off dream just now. And I just remembered; I have a couple of partly-knitted sweaters (for me) somewhere here in a bag or box . . . guess I’d best get on with finishing the multitude of UFOs, eh?

Here are some of the Teddy pieces, laid out on our couch:  IMG_3402[1]

And here’s a closeup of two of them. You can see how they are knitted in one pice at first (the legs, body and head, in that order); then the arms, ears and nose are made and attached, stuffing as you go. Eyes and mouths are embroidered on with yarn. I used smaller bamboo needles for the grey and aqua Ted; larger needles for the hot pink one.


Here is what they look like when finished (but mine are often a bit different, ’cause, as with cooking and sewing, I can’t seem to leave well alone; I am driven to mess around with perfectly good recipes, designs, methods, etc.!!)


OK, that’s enough of creativity for now; I’m going to write a separate post about weather and what I’ve been up to with friends . . .


8 thoughts on “A Slow Sunday . . . well, that was then . . .

  1. Just got back from my daughters and only made it to “A Random Harvest” (number 12 in my 475 blog feeds) before 6.30am struck and I have been up since 3am! Oh well…who needs a life! ;). Love the crafts and after a weekend attempting to knit (and pulling apart several times) a “simple” pair of gauntlets and then realising when I got to the end that I forgot how to cast off…(must look it up today…) I aplaud your talents. Lovely shawl…4 cable needles? 4!!! I can’t use 2 let alone 4. That shawl terrifies me! Love the wool and I know how you feel, real wool is so expensive so nylon has to do here as well. I am making the gauntlets out of that wool that my friend Roxy spun herself years ago. Some of it has fallen prey to the moths but I can just join it together. Its lovely and rustic and of varying sizes but that makes the end result all the more personal. Welcome back to the blogosphere…I might comment again in about 6 months time when I have gotten to the end of my current RSS Feed reader backlog and am able to come up for air again… 😉

    • Thanks! I love the colours, but much of what I’ve been using is just acrylic; not my favourite, but affordable. The ‘simple’ shawl is about 20% or so wool, so has a better feel to it. All fun, though . . .

      • If we factored in the ecological costs to the prices of ‘cheap’ goods, it would be easier to buy ‘good’ products like wool. Instead, our kids and grandkids will pay the true price of our saving.

  2. What a clever clogs you are! So many creative things on the go and all looking very interesting. Can’t wait to see the bears finished, such a clever design.

    • Thanks, Kymmie! I’ve been so behind in posting, and my FeedReader is sulking from neglect, but I finally made some time to catch up. I love those bears! I’ll be stuffing and finishing a few this coming week, I think, and will share photos once done. ~ Linne

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