What motivates visionaries to dominate the world?

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I’ve been working my way slowly through Lissa Rankin’s book, “Mind Over Medicine”; well worth reading, in my opinion.

MOM final cover

It’s likely the last book I will buy for a while and definitely worth it already.


9 thoughts on “What motivates visionaries to dominate the world?

  1. I haven’t ever heard of her but do agree that we have handed over our health to “others”. Why on EARTH do we believe that modern chemican medicine is the answer to everything?! I think going to the hospital or doctors for anything other than something serious is going to result in you ending up sick. I agree with Wendy, our bodies are designed to withstand a lot. It’s not their fault that we eat and live the way that we do and they keep trying to regenerate despite the odds.

    • I very much agree with you, Narfie7!! I was lucky to find a great doctor when I had my first child; she was decades ahead of her time and started me on a very alternative path in many areas. You and Wendy are so right; I think our bodies mess up because of how we treat them and I have seen some amazing cases of the body working to regenerate even when conventional medicine said there was nothing to be done. When we change our thinking and actions, we can change so much!!

    • In my reply to Wendy, I have put some links, if you are interested. Her TED talks are good and there is a lot of info on her website; plus a free downloadable Self Healing Kit here:

    • In the book of hers that I just purchased, Lissa Rankin says that is what started her on this path; reading about how placebos work, realizing that the mind plays a large part (if not the only part) in healing the body and wondering how to trigger the mind more effectively.

      It’s an interesting road that brought me to this book: I read “Variable Star”, Robert Heinlein’s last published novel, which was partly written when he died. Spider Robinson, a well-known sci-fi writer whose major influence was Heinlein, was chosen to complete the novel. So I googled Spider and read about not only him, but his amazing wife Jeanne (and then read the Stardance trilogy they co-authored; amazing and full of inspiring thought). Jeanne died in 2010 of a very aggressive cancer and only a year later, I think it was, their only child, Terri Luana, was diagnosed with breast cancer in February, 2012. She and her husband’s daughter was two at the time. In April of that year, after chemo, all the tumours except two in her breasts had shrunk to where they were indetectable. The remaining two (the originals) had shrunk 80%!! There’s much more to her story, which you can follow at her blog here: Graceful Woman Warrior. While I was reading her blog, I came to a post that mentioned Lissa Rankin (). Lissa sounded like a doctor right down my alley, so I went to her blog and read up on the book (), checked out a couple of her TED talks, then emailed my favourite indie bookstore here and ordered the book. I am slowly working my way through it and doing some of the things she recommends.

      At some point, I will post about what I’m learning and doing.

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