SOS….Save our Seeds.

We may have missed the petition, but I’m re-blogging anyway; the whole world needs to know what’s going on and what we have to look forward to . . . I haven’t heard what the outcome was, if any. But I did tweet out Prime Minister, advising him that if they are bringing those laws here, to build more prisons, because we will not comply! ~ Linne



Last night as I was perusing through Facebook, as one does, I came across a post on pending EU legislation that would make it illegal for seed to be sold that wasn’t  on an approved list. It would also be illegal to grow or swap seeds not on the list. Not always believing what I read on Facebook I did a bit of frantic follow up research and sadly I have to report that it’s true.


“EU is preparing legislation that will make it illegal to grow crops that are not on a list of approved seeds. A list that currently is 60% dominated by big corporations like Monsanto, AsrtraZenecar and others. The pros list are basically only hybrids, which means you can not take next year’s seed from this crop. Furthermore, it will not only be forbidden to sell other seeds than those already mentioned but also to grow, “File…

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8 thoughts on “SOS….Save our Seeds.

  1. Truth be known Jess and seeds are just the start of it! Whoever controls the food controls the world. Simple as that and its very incideous (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly 😉 ). We all need to be up in arms about this but “the masses” are like so many sheep giving so little of a shite they all need a cattle prod “she’ll be right mate…” “NO SHE WON’T!”

    • I’m seeing a wave of new thinking and new actions happening all over. The more of us who spread the word, the more informed people there will be. It doesn’t have to be everyone; the critical mass () is a much smaller number. 🙂 Some fascinating information at that link, my friends, and at the very bottom of the page is this:

    • Philip Ball: Critical Mass: How One Thing Leads to Another, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ISBN 0-374-53041-6
    • I think I need to read that book . . . what actually interests me is how one good thing leads to another. . . A man here in Edmonton recently volunteered to donate one of his kidneys to a young woman who had been spending three days a week in dialysis. In the end, she was given a transplant from someone who died and the man then offered to donate to someone else, which happened. After his story was made public, several other people offered to donate one of their kidneys, too. We are all seeds, in a way . . .

      I guess you could call us ‘Weapons of Mass Construction” LOL

  2. AMEN sister! Just try and stop me from seed storing. They’re going to wake up morning and realise what they’ve done and by then it will be far too late. Lets hope the legislation doesn’t make it through.

    • Yep! I’d say, start saving and sharing seeds now! Get the lines of communication and support in place. Keep spreading the word and waking up folks who care when they know, but have been kept in the dark. In the end, the power is always to the people!!

      • It totally is! If you don’t like what someone sells or their ethics, don’t buy it or their brand. If you don’t like what the politicians do, don’t vote for them! If enough people do the same we will see revolution!

      • Yes, yes, and yes!! And it isn’t enough to stand against things, we need to stand for things, too! Make it yourself, shop locally, live frugally, buy thriftily, take responsibility for yourself, your health, for being informed and active, etc. And spread the word . . . I find everyone here is already doing that, so I guess I’m really preaching to the choir, as they say . . . the changes we are seeing are only the tip of a very, very big iceberg!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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