Water Purification

Watching the news from the Phillipines these past few days caused mt to start thinking about water and how vital it is in challenging situations.

There is an interesting article here:


and there’s a YouTube video here:

I’m thinking this would be a good priority for anyone. Safe water can be very hard to come by in city or country after natural disasters of many sorts.

Potters Without Borders is a great site, too. Check them out here:


My initial Google search (to save you time):


Hope you find some of this helpful at some time. ~ Linne

Sorry, no photos; I’m using my phone for this one.


12 thoughts on “Water Purification

  1. I once fasted for 21 days with no ill effect so I can vouch for the food thing. You can buy water purification tablets that make rank water safe to drink now. Might be good to buy some of those and store them. I know where our water supply tank for our small area is and we have a small rainwater tank that we get all of our drinking and food prep water from. Now I just need a HUGE rainwater tank…sometimes it is very very hard to wait…

    • Interesting. I did a month long fast years ago, and I was skinny then. No ill effects for me, either. I do other types of fasting these days, though.

      Water purification tablets are a good idea; a few drops of bleach (then expose to air later before using), or iodine (same thing) also work, or so my research told me back when I was learning all this. I’m not up on the latest, though.

      A water tank would be good, eh? In case of bush fires, too . . .

      • I was fasting in a vain attempt to lose weight. Would you believe I didn’t lose a single ounce?!!! 21 days of fasting and my UBER efficient body decided to shut down and hold onto it’s fat because I was OBVIOUSLY insane for the moment and it needed to protect it’s (vested) interests…sigh… 😉

      • Yes, I believe it. I fasted quite a few times, but only once for a whole month (on only water); I didn’t need to lose weight then, though. For me it was a spiritual discipline thing.

        I think it’s a bad idea now; it’s more effective to fast from bad habits or hurtful thinking. But knowing I won’t ‘starve’ in a few days is very reassuring in case of disaster. 😉

      • It taught me that your body doesn’t need food every day and that if you are in the right mind frame your body can heal. I love my food too much to give up eating it on a regular basis though 😉

      • The mind has so much more to do with it than we seem to acknowledge. Changing our minds is the real challenge. (did you know that ‘repent’ means ‘think again’ or ‘change your thinking’? Sure makes a difference, doesn’t it?) Mental toxins like hate and fear cause more ills than unhealthy foods alone, I’ve learned.

        I love my food, too . . . sigh . . . 😉 but I’m back to eating mostly healthy things again.

      • I am starting to know why “thin” people have NO idea why “fat” people have trouble moving around. I have so much energy now and can work out in the heat of the day and just “moving around” is easier. I reckon we should find all of the thinnies with their noses in the air about their superiority, we should force them to wear net bags of oranges with 30 – 40kg extra on their legs and lower extremities and after a day lugging them around ask them again about how “lazy” fat people are and why they are too lazy to exercise…I bet the “walk a mile in my shoes” thing would do a whole lot to show people how to have empathy for the overweight! I agree with you about mental toxins and stress and we are all being groomed to be stressed on a permanant basis. “Stressed” people are not happy or satisfied and will buy “stuff” in order to make themselves happy (or at least “conform” with the other stressed unhappy people 😉 ) and so the endless consuming goes on masterminded by incredibly clever sociopathic middlemen who could care less about what they are doing so long as there is power and profit in the making, they will be there with their fingers on the pulse. Any wonder I can’t STAND them?

      • Oh, you are preaching to the choir here! I was thinking an inflatable wetsuit that filled with gel, not air, so even putting on socks is tricky . . .

        I was super thin by nature until my late 30s; put on a little after we moved into town and when I started a desk job when I was living alone, put on quite a lot. I don’t do ‘dieting’, but was losing weight through diet change and the challenge on Mrs. SFT’s blog earlier this year. Now, after regaining what I lost, I’m back to letting my body return to its natural weight, slowly. More veggies, less coffee and sugar, better ‘treats’. What I really need is more activity. I hate gyms and walking outdoors is pointless, but a friend and I are going to start walking at the mall near me a couple of times a week. We’ll see how that goes . . .

        What I really need is a woodpile, a well and a big dog or two . . . who does that sound like? 😉

  2. We have a ceramic water filter already – filter out the chlorine in the tap water. You’re dead right though. Clean water is one of our top 2 necessities in a crisis, water and shelter (we can survive without food for a little longer than without water ;)).

    • Good to have a filter, eh? I used to let the water sit in a jug and the chlorine would evaporate. I need to remember to do that for my houseplants . . .

      You’re right; we can go weeks without food, but water? Seems to me it’s only a few days. Adults, of course.

      Shelter is usually easier, as we can make something even out of the rubble. Staying warm (or cool, I guess) or dry is a bit harder.

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