Save our Planet…plant more Trees.

Stuff I never knew: like how trees can help prevent flooding.
Narf7, this is the other Irish site I mentioned some time ago. ~ Linne



The weather is the topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. Since before Christmas we have been battered by Atlantic storms. Another one is building out there…reckoned to strike on Wednesday. This morning we had snow.


It was pretty for the short time it lasted… soon to be washed away by rain. Then there was a period of sunshine. All the seasons in one day.


The rain has been so constant this Winter…it wears one down. So hard for farmers and animals not to mind the folks whose homes have been flooded here in Ireland and in England. Visiting Tipperary last week it was amazing to see lakes where they never were. At least the Swans are happy.


Great article in The Guardian newspaper today about this whole topic. You can read it here

In the article George Monbiot talks about how European Union agricultural policies are adding to…

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2 thoughts on “Save our Planet…plant more Trees.

    • All kindred souls and that cheers me. To me, there are the ‘facts’ and then there is the ‘truth’. The facts can be daunting these days, but I find comfort and hope in the truth of what the rest of you are creating around the globe.

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