It’s happened, We’ve Outgrown the Earth

Two sets of information: mining the moon #$%^&*()
and see the links in my comment re: the effects of fire-retardants on our health, especially the health of our kids. ~ Linne

6 thoughts on “It’s happened, We’ve Outgrown the Earth

    • I know; I’ve been reading about this stuff and the predicted earth changes for longer than you’ve been around this time, and it still gets to me. What we can say to it, though, is to carry on doing the right things so far as we’re able, wherever we are. Change will come and we can help to mitigate it or alter it to something more positive. I do believe that. Hugs to you, though. ~ Linne

      • lol. I know, preaching to the choir here aye. There is little we can do to change the big things aside from creating a stink with our voices (eg Monsatan and cronies) but when it comes to influencing friends and family and the rest of the every day folk, all we can do is try and live the best we can and set an example. And when we mend and make do and dig for victory and clear our mortgages in rapid fashion and live healthy lives eating nothing but the best organic ingredients, paying bugger all in utilities and we are happy from our toenails to the split ends of our hair 😉 then maybe something will impress the consuming majority. maybe.

      • Agree, agree, agree!! And we need to make our voices heard so that others eventually get it. For some it will be too late, I expect, but we have to try. I’m on Facebook for two things; one, I play Blitz to calm my mind and two, I re-post political and ecological stuff. Also some humour, just to keep from depressing the whole world . . . the people who have ‘friended’ me there are mostly not like-minded, so I have a chance to influence them. I use Twitter the same way. I was going to say, ‘who cares what I had for breakfast?’, but then I thought of the last few posts and I guess I do that, too, just not on FB and Twitter. 😉

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your comments. ~ Linne

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