Progressing like a snail is still moving forward . . .

I know that after all that teasing, some of you are wondering what the heck I’ve been going on about and when will there be photos (and possibly thinking “is she doing anything at all?”).

Well, yes . . . and not so much . . .  yet!   🙂


But first, here’s a photo of my “Risi e Bisi” which didn’t last too long. I’d forgotten to get Parmesan cheese, but I did have sesame oil, which I sprinkled on after I added the butter (yes, I know . . . sigh). But it was yummy! I’ll be making it again this week, I think.

IMG_4996[1]  IMG_4997[1]

Guess what I’ve been doing . . . that’s right, I finished the stitching beside the front steek, got out my scissors and . . . CUT! Not sure if the close-up shot helps or not . . .

IMG_4998[1]  IMG_4999[1]

Here you can see the stitching on the inside; I stitched up, then back down on each side of the central column of knit stitches, making sure to go through each individual knit stitch each time. I’m not looking forward to weaving in all those loose ends . . .

And, closer to “voila” . . .


Completely open down the front. I guessed pretty well on the sizing; it fits me in most places, and will encourage me to lay off the butter ’til it fits all over. 🙂

I’d worried that the sleeves might be too large, but nope, they’re just the way I like ’em; loose enough so it will fit over a T or two . . .

Next I need to finish the sleeves, then pick up stitches down both sides of the front and make the button and buttonhole bands. I need to look for the ‘right’ buttons first . . . I have a lot of buttons, but I think most are in the storage and, I don’t know, this seems to call for ‘special’ buttons somehow. Well, we’ll see . . .


Ah, yes, the unopened package . . .

I like having unopened parcels because I enjoy anticipation so, SO much. I did learn, though, when still at home, to hide things I was savouring so that they did not just ‘disappear’ (chocolate, for one) or become ‘appropriated’ (“because, if you aren’t going to do anything with it . . .”)

However . . . I did finally open the box and found everything I expected. (but forgot to take a photo. Sorry)  So this afternoon I gathered my supplies and equipment in the bathroom (to keep any possibly toxic dust out of the main living area (we have some sort of ventilator thingy over the tub that sucks air constantly).

Then I pinned up my hair and put on the rubber gloves, the dust mask and the protective glasses (in case of accidental splashing):

IMG_5004[1]   IMG_5005[1]

Go ahead, laugh . . . I did!


Here is my first dye pot, boiling away on the stove to dissolve the dye granules. I know the ‘colour’ for 2014 is Radiant Orchid and I was going for something close to that. However, I didn’t have any idea, really, of what to mix to achieve that colour, nor did I have a gram scale. I looked in the kitchen section of the local ‘landfill store’, but all they had were scales that require batteries. I want either a spring-loaded one or, if necessary, a plug-in. I prefer not to be buying and discarding batteries, thank you.

So I did what I seem to do most of the time: I flew by the seat of my pants . . . I used a teaspoon of fuchsia, a quarter teaspoon of purple, an eighth of a teaspoon of turquoise and approximately a sixteenth of a teaspoon of cobalt. I know, I’m supposed to measure accurately . . . but (A) apparently that only works with weighing the dye powders, because the different colours have different weights for the same amount of spoon-measured powder. and (B) I remembered from my recent research a blog posting saying that the person had trouble with the cobalt; it didn’t dissolve entirely, leaving bits that caused some spotting on her wool fibre. So I reduced the amount by shaking some back into the tin. I’ll never be a five-star chef . . . on the other hand, I may have some amazing, un-repeatable results . . . you never know . . . I did label the quart sealer that I will be storing the dye solution in, once it’s cold enough and on the label I wrote the measurements of each colour (in case it’s an awesome colour and I want to try making it again . . .)  I’ve been agonizing over what I was going to use for my “one litre container” in which to top up the boiled mixture and then to store whatever’s left from this project. I couldn’t find affordable one litre bottles, thought about soft drink bottles, but wasn’t prepared to buy the stuff, then discard the contents. Then, looking through the cupboard, I found the sealer. Of course! So now to get hold of some more. I passed up a chance at some a couple of months ago  when my crafty friend and I went to the Re-Use-It Centre. Some of them were the old style with the tall aluminium rings and the thick glass lids with a rubber ring fitted on. I love those, wanted them, but talked myself out of them. Should have listened, Linnie . . .


I don’t think this photo is going to show the colour too well, but it’s the best I can do with the phone. In ‘real life’, the colour on that wooden spoon looks like the dark orchid in the bar across the Pantone site, so I’m thinking this may work.

If I’m lucky, I’ll have time tonight to colour the first project. If not (meaning that Mum is in the kitchen until the wee hours  because the best light for her reading is the lamp on the kitchen table), I’m planning to get up first tomorrow and get on with it . . .

No, I’m not showing you the raw project . . . what were you thinking? 😉

Hope you are all having a wonderful productive week with time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate . . . more to come, I promise . . . I have to say here that the tease is very good for me, as I can’t justify teasing and then not having anything to show you. So thanks for hanging in there while I move in my snail-like fashion towards . . .

I hope that some of you, after reading this post, will take this advice . . .[Campervan]-Keep-Calm-And-Dye-Something-

Two last things . . . First, Bobby McFerrin (of ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’ renown):

be prepared to be amazed . . . here he sings a Bach Prelude

while the audience (a masterclass) sings the ‘Ave Maria’ by Charles Gounod.

And The Pogues, singing “If I Should Fall From Grace With God“,

the song that made me fall in love with their music. Very dancey . . .


14 thoughts on “Progressing like a snail is still moving forward . . .

  1. Your cardigan is beautiful:-) I LOVE THAT COLOR!Did I read that wrong or did all those colors make that lovely color-amazing! I can’t wait to see what you are making with that color:-)

    • Thanks, Robbie. I love it, too. Hope that’s how the projects come out . . . Nope, you read it right. I documented the amounts for me, actually. I knew I’d forget in an hour or so . . . now I can go back and check if I want to make a near replica. Because I measured, not weighed, I doubt the colour will ever be the same again, but that’s ok. There’s lots of other colours to be invented yet. 😉 I’ll be seeing the results soon and may share a photo or two. Anticipation is everything!

    • Thanks, Bridget. The patterns are actually very easy; two strands of yarn in each row, so I only had to keep track of which colour for each stitch. But it looks complicated, doesn’t it? As to the dyes, I’m quite colour-mad and very much a ‘free-styler’ as another commenter wrote. I go by instinct with colour and usually it works out. Sort of like with cooking, except you can’t eat the mistakes . . . Nice to hear from another Pogues fan; I wasn’t into punk at the time they were most famous, but once I discovered them . . . They have a certain energy that just hooks me every time.

  2. Oh I don’t need permission to laugh ROTFL!!! You look like you are about to make the first incision in a patient! You can always use rechargeable batteries (like we do). A much better alternative :). It looks like Pauline and I think alike re the surgeon ;). I love the pogues as well and Steve is a fan of old. It will be most interesting to see what you concoct with that lovely colour and by the time you finish that cardy it will be summer ;). At least you will be ready for next winters chill. Now you just need to knit yourself some matching mittens and a hat (you can do that over summer 😉 ).

    • I did look funny, didn’t I? Anything for a laugh . . . Rechargeables are a good idea. In the meantime, I have a drawer full of the regular batteries, so I guess I should use those up, then switch to re-chargeables. It is a much better alternative. Twins, indeed! in more ways than one, too.

      I love that several people have said they love the pogues; I don’t know anyone in my ‘real’ life who’s even heard of them. I chanced upon them a few years ago and that DVD I linked to just caught me. I’ve been a big fan ever since. And I knew there was something I liked about Steve 😉

      I’m going to decant those items shortly and then we’ll see . . . The way the weather is going (remember your chilly spell at the height of your summer?) I may wear that cardi while you are wearing yours. And knitting will keep me warmer, too. Funny you should mention mittens and hat . . . I’ve been thinking about using the leftover bits (I have lots of that pink) to make just those. In a complementary fashion, of course. And I’m still debating a hood. Acrylic’s not all that warm, compared to wool. But it will be a while ’til I have the right wool for the next one. I am set on some Shetland wool from the Islands, so it would be authentic except for me not being Scottish . . . My sons are Humes, though, so I suppose I can claim through them . . .

      • I would go with the hood to be honest…a hood and some mittens :). I picked up a jumper made from Icelandic wool at the op shop for 50c and gave it to my daughters who loved any and all things Icelandic at the time (its all Korea now 😉 ) and it is very thin looking but SO WARM! I couldn’t believe how hot it was in the middle of winter! I have Scots in me. My grandads parents were both Scottish immigrants (Blackwoods) but the German runs hearty young padawan and I look more stolid than wistful (worse luck! 😉 )

      • I’m honestly leaning toward the hood AND a tuque! Both double-stranded, so that should keep me warm. I’m pretty warm-blooded, so I only bought boots late last winter; up to then I just wore my skateboarder trainers. They are tight at the ankles, so the snow never gets in. I got odd looks, though; no idea why . . . That jumper sounds a fantastic deal. Funny your daughters have switched from Icelandic to Korean . . . global warming, maybe? 😉

        Where were your grandparents from, do you know? Highlanders, I bet, judging by you . . . I have German from way back on my Dad’s side, but my Mum’s parents were born in Norway. I get my height from both sides. My face looks more Germanic to me; my skin is Nordic fair, but the rest, who knows? Dad was born in Russia, but I don’t know how long the family were there. Quite some time, I think.

        Have you seen the cartoon movie Brave? Now there’s a great Scottish girl! I loved just hearing the accent.

  3. You are right, moving forward, even at a snails pace, is still moving forward! I followed the link to see the colour – it is just yum!! The colour on the spoon looks darker but I must say it too looks delicious! Now I’m getting really excited!! I love the Pogues too and will listen/watch your clip when I’ve posted this.

    I am so impressed at your ability to savour the anticipation ……… I received a completely unexpected package this evening and without drawing a breath or missing a beat I had that sucker open. the packaging materials cast aside and two cards and an amazing gift in my hands – and tears pouring down my cheeks too 🙂 Now I think next time I get a package in the mail I really must put it aside for at least half an hour – no lets say ten minutes [best not be too ambitious] and ‘practise anticipation’………… Mmmmm, we’ll see!

    Love the photo of you in your mask and glasses, looking suspiciously like a surgeon about to go in…… But even a mask and glasses can’t hide those lovely eyes! And that knitting – still can’t get my head around the fact that you are cutting it!!

    Keep moving forward Linne, I’m sure I’m not the only one taking the opportunity to hone my anticipatory waiting skills! I’ll try not to expire!! 🙂

    • Oh, I’m glad you like that colour, too! The fabrics look good so far; I still have to remove them and rinse them out, though. I ate lunch (re-runs of the Mish-Mash and rice), then passed out for a bit. Then it was onto the computer and now I’m catching up on comments. I’ve been a very bad blogger of late, ignoring my readers like that!

      I had to laugh at you ripping into that parcel. I can only imagine you, Wendy, and the rest watching me at Christmas as I carefully undo the ribbon, ease under the tape, remove and fold the wrap neatly, THEN slowly open the whatever it is . . . I can imagine Christmas with all of you and every one vying to grab my parcels and open them for me; in a ‘helpful’ fashion, of course . . . 😉 I saw your post on those cards and that gift; what a thoughtful thing to do! I would have been crying, too. Nothing like tears of pure joy, is there? Isn’t she sweet? 10 minutes, eh? I heard that!! 😉

      A surgeon (that was a short-lived consideration when I was a teen; blood and gore don’t bother me a bit. In fact, I used to carry a great little pocket knife and let people know I was prepared to be called on in case of emergency appendectomies were needed . . .) 😉 I could do that, too . . .

      I’m not sure I have my head around cutting into knitting . . . but it’s fun! Once you are sure the stitching is secure (that isn’t real wool, so it might have been an issue).

      Glad you aren’t going to expire! I need someone to poke me from time to time . . . ;-P

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