Gary’s Bucket Culture: Mushroom Cultivation Stories

For my fungal freaky friends out there . . . I know you’re lurking under the bed . . . 😉 ~ Linne

7 thoughts on “Gary’s Bucket Culture: Mushroom Cultivation Stories

    • Aren’t they? I’ve always wanted to grow mushrooms and I know that Narfie7 (from The Road to Serendipity blog) loves them, too, so I figures there were likely others who’d get something from the article. Glad you liked it.

    • I figured you followed them, but wanted to make sure you didn’t miss that one . . . it’s too cute! I’d love to grow mushrooms; I never seem to tire of them. I remember picking wild Chanterelles back when my eldest son was a babe; his dad and I would eat them by the large frying pan full; years later my husband and I went out for an anniversary dinner at a very nice restaurant north of Victoria, BC and we had a small dish of Chanterelles; the cost was astronomical, but I loved the memories.

      • I love to eat mushrooms…never had a chanterelle but I have eaten more than my weights worth of regular portabello mushies and been happy as a clam 🙂

      • Chanterelles are amazing! They only grow at a certain height above sea level and in good beds of evergreen needles.. . I think they were especially delicious, because that was the eight months when we had only $5 cash and were subsisting on a couple of bulk items left behind by fellow workers in an enterprise that bit the dust, plus whatever we could trade for or scrounge from the woods and sea. In truth, we did pretty well for the most part, but obviously not all our nutritional needs were met. But I didn’t know much then. I’d do better today, I think. I love any mushies and the portobellow ones beat steak in my opinion. 🙂 and clams . . . mmmmmmmmmmmmm ~ L

      • clams? Our shoreline is littered with oysters here. Great big pacific ones but thanks to all of the industrial sites at the mouth of the river they are inedible thanks to heavy metals 😦 I guess if push came to shove you could eat a few of them but I wouldn’t want to have to exist on them (or you might glow in the dark 😉 ). Funny how you make do even when the “do” isn’t technically the ideal conditions. Mushrooms are absolutely scrumptious. Just picked up some portabellos for $7 a kilo in town and am about to put some on Stevie-boys dinner pizza tonight. Brunhilda is going to take all of the bacon, cabanossi, bocconcini, parmesan, cheddar and feta along with those mushrooms, onion and char grilled capsicum (peppers) and turn it into pure wood fired heaven. I expect Stevie-boy won’t be able to move after eating it all 😉

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