That slippery slide . . .

Last week in weather . . . a lot of snow, but not nearly like the 6-7 feet they got in 3 or 4 days in Buffalo, New York . . .

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Last week in crafting:

Wednesday: Mr. and Mrs. Crafty very kindly drove me to the craft store to buy 100% wool yarns. Yes, I know, I have tonnes of yarns, but unfortunately, not many are real wool and besides, I have no idea of their exact location anymore. So I got these (the two balls of lovely indigo ‘roving’ weight yarn are out of sight at the bottom)


Thursday: I finished number five of the Bavarians for the grandkidlets (and luckily was able to find the half-done one intended for the oldest girl. Here they are laid out by recipient: from the left – oldest grandson, youngest grandson, then the three littlest, all girls. Don’t they look nice? I still haven’t measured them, but if I put one on my lap cornerwise up, it stretches from under my chin to my ankles, so they will be just right for the littles. I hope they think of then as their own personal hug from Bestemor (the Norwegian for Grandmother, and what my Mum called her beloved Grandmother.)


Then, on Thursday afternoon, I began this:


I discovered I’d somehow been imaging the final work sideways in my head and had begun the decrease too soon, so I undid the short rows and knitted a longer piece before I re-did the decrease.  Isn’t that blue gorgeous? I really want a jumper made from that, with a bit of rose patterning and then the whole thing felted lightly. Maybe just a vest, eh? (that is my naughty wee crafter girlie, the devilish one who gets me into all sorts of trouble; I’ve had to be firm and remind her that until the ‘barn cardi’ is completed – it’s still at the Crafties’ house – there will be no more clothing projects begun if they are for me.) I don’t feel the photo does the colour justice; the lighting is very poor at my Aunty’s. Later I’ll take a proper picture, maybe outside against the snow . . .


This is the yarn. I suppose it’s called roving because it’s very lightly spun . . .


Sunday: I completed the second of the slippers; Now I need to sew them up from toe to ankle and also down the heel. Then comes the felting. This is the pattern I was so lucky to find on the Eclectic Home & Life blog. She’s also posting seven recipes for Scandinavian cookies, just in time if you are baking for Christmas.


After completing the slippers in mid-morning, I began a pair of slippers in a lighter wool yarn:

Monday (today):

Here’s where I am tonight:


Well, where I thought I was last night is not where I ended up . . . I put about four more hours into this post (including searching through the recent photos and taking a few new ones), but the last one and a half were done on my iPhone. When I hit ‘update’ (I was working on the draft, but was ready to save, then publish), instead of saving, the !@#$%^&*()!@#$%^&* thing ate the rest of the post. So, my friends, this is it for today. More soon. And you’re welcome; glad I saved you some time reading . . . now you have time to finish that novel, quilt, jumper, bucket of tea/coffee/wine . . . or maybe just have a wee nap . . .

Oh, yes, Narfie7 and Pauline – I had a brainwave yesterday and now know what I am making for the Sanctuary garland . . . Anticipation 301?  😉  Still musing on what to make for Marlene, though. I’m so glad there’s no deadline . . .


6 thoughts on “That slippery slide . . .

  1. I get the swearing…I am full of it and brimming over whenever I lose comments etc. Love the crafting going on. I am having a rest between crafts at the moment 😉

  2. Oh don’t you hate when you lose all that typing!! The blankets are a treat and my that snow looks frosty… happy knitting, can’t wait to see the slippers finished, lovely blue too 🙂

  3. Good news for the narf, Linne, make away – we will wait! I love that blue too. I bought myself some new tea towels today in a 60% off sale all in various shades and patterns, but featuring that blue. I hope the snow is not too awful. It will pass by in a blink though won’t it and it will be summer again.

  4. Linne, your blankets are lovely and I know the children will enjoy them. So far I haven’t had any snow other than about an inch total over three days. I’m not complaining. 🙂

  5. The blankies are lovely Linne. My late mother in law used to make those slippers for the kids when they were young. I saw that dump of snow in New York on the news, wow! I am soooo glad to live in an area of NZ that doesn’t get it, down South they do.

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