2015 – a toast to the Virtual Villagers

First, thanks for all your comments; I’ve read them, but not replied (yet).

Second, I know that for most of you, New Year’s Day is already over, but I still have 20 minutes left, so no more re-writing. This toast, like last year’s, is more doggerel than poetry, but that’s the way my brain leans . . .

Another year has come and gone, another season rounds the bend.
It’s time to raise a glass (or mug) and toast each Virtual Village friend:

So here’s to designers from Fair Isle to Aussie,
to their patterns for quilting and sewing tea cosies,
for knitting barn cardis and crocheted Bavarians,
and to parents, and crafters, and crofter agrarians.

Designing a pattern, a life or a home
lifts everyone’s spirits, wherever they roam.
So does taking a moment for kindness and caring,
for virtual hugging and real-life sharing.

Here’s to the artists, delightfully fey;
Sharing, Inspiring, Leading the way . . .
To the writers of poetry, readers of books,
photographers, singers and all of the cooks . . .

A toast to the writers of humour-filled posts,
to those who share knowledge without any boasts.
And let’s toast the activists, working so hard
to make the world better; they all stand on guard.

Remember the Permies, too, tiny and tall;
their work heals the earth, bringing hope to us all.
Let’s toast every planter of veggie and bush,
of trees bearing fruit and of flowers so lush.

Here’s to soapmakers, purveyers of oils,
soothing the hands that are aching from toil.
Up-cyclers of cupboards and carvers of spoons;
Salvaging, saving, at midnights and noons.

To those who keep traditions safe,
To those who break new trails,
To those whose cats and dogs keep them
from going off the rails!

Makers of greeting cards
brighten our days;
Givers of Happy Mail
spread love’s sweet rays.
e-mails and Skype calls,
so many connections . . .
the Village extends in so many directions!

Dwellers on acreages, dwellers in towns,
some come from the cities and some from the Downs.
We all play a part in this Village so global;
and all keep our place even when we are mobile.

And I raise a glass to each one of you;
wherever you are and whatever you do,
to your courage in healing, in growing, in changing.
Love shows in your words and your acts, so far-ranging.

I’m grateful for each of you;
my life would be less
if I’d never ‘met’ you;
I feel very blessed.

Throughout this New Year I wish you much love and many blessings, strength and courage for the journey, insight and wisdom as you need it, riches of the heart, mind and spirit.

Hapoy New Year, my friends and fellow Villagers . . .

and, as Columbo would say,
one more thing . . .

Ave Atque Vale

Godspeed to those who’ve gone ahead throughout the passing year, Their tasks are done, they’re headed home; for now they’ve left us here.
We can but bless them, as we bless the newest babes whose smiles
make light our loads and cheer us on o’er all the coming miles.

We will remember each of you for all the ways you’ve touched our lives and hearts, as family members, friends, public figures and more . . .

See you on the Flip Side 🙂

p. s. I meant to include photos with this post, but the draft wouldn’t display on Mum’s PC, so I’ll save those for later, except for these:

20150101-214059.jpg Layer one.

20150101-214436.jpg Layer two.

20150101-214527.jpg Top layer.

20150101-214705.jpg Ready to ship!

I knew that wrapping paper would likely tear if I had to compress the afghans so they would all fit in the box. So I decided to use new pillowcases as wrapping. Alas, pillowcases at the only store close enough to walk to were $7.00 each.

But there was a SIGN! Among the pillowcases was a package of pre-cut fabric!! So, off to the yarn & fabric area . . . where I found flannelette, two cut pieces to a package, for under $7.00 and a large piece of green flannelette for under $12.00. Problem solved!

Now you know what those photos are about. With any luck, the Bavarians will be on their way tomorrow. They will go to the other Grandma and she will take them to Saltspring Island in time for Little Christmas. A great start for a new year, isn’t it?

Oh, here’s a teaser for you:


20150101-224022.jpg Can you spot the difference? 😉


12 thoughts on “2015 – a toast to the Virtual Villagers

  1. I am very glad to see you sending off blankets to others who need them. I wish I would be more able to do things for others. I tend to help my kids and grandkids… spreading into the world is a good example, Linne.

  2. How did I not see this until now, Linne? I blame my iPhone–I’ve been rushing about so madly lately that the only way I can keep up with my WordPress Reader is via the tiny screen, and sometimes it seems to skip over posts. In any case, a very happy new year to you, and I hope our paths cross many times in 2015 and onward.

    • I’ve noticed that, too, Karen. No worries. I’m using my phone right now in an attempt to catch up a bit.

      I’m sure we’ll see each other often this year; for me, it will be after the move and all that is done.

  3. I’m way behind but Happy New Year’s, Linne. What a lovely poem thank you.

    Your blankets fit nicely and you know me, I noticed right away that you didn’t use wrapping paper. 🙂 Nice choice to use fabric instead of those pricey pillowcases.

  4. Sending the smell of rain falling on hot grass to remind you that there is an end to the snow and cold. 🙂 MASSIVEST of hugs my wonderful mentor and hippimutter. Wir sind Gleichgesinnte (thanks google translate. 😉 ). I echo what has been said – lovely doggerel. 🙂
    2015 is forging ahead here on day 3. We’ve started off in fine form with 37C yesterdana nd 39 forecast today. And yet, I am knitting. 8pl 100% pure Australian wool no less. The madness of us needlers. 😉

    Your new Bavarian looks lovely. I reckon you could pretty much play however you wanted to with the design hey. Not that I know diddly squat about crochetting 😉 (maybe 2015 will be the year for that) but it seems to be a fairly flexible design. I can’t wait to hear how the recipients like their Bavarians too. 🙂

    Here’s to a year of changes which will challenge us and leave us as better people when 2015 finally packs its bags to leave. Here’s to the virtual village and may it stay strong. Here’s to hope and chances and learning and here’s to wonderful friends to love too.


  5. That is a glorious opus to us all Linne, well written and crafted with joy and with love. Thank you for including Serendipity Farm in your wonderful poem, I can feel us knitted in with the rest of your lovlies :). Guess who just discovered nailbinding! I also have a nice drop spindle made by Stevie-boy (only a prototype at the moment till I prove I will stick with it and then he will make me a lovely hardwood one) to spin some alpaca fleece that Stewart and Kelsey made me. I thought you would appreciate it as you are a spinner and weaver of both fibre and words :). Here’s a HUGE narfish hug covered in nasturtiums (do you know you can smell nasturtiums for quite some distance around Sanctuary? 😉 ) and sunshine for you. You know that smell of fresh hay? It’s yours! 2015 has been eagerly pounced on by yours truly. I sense an amazing year taking shape and I intend on being fully invested in it come what may. Here’s to love, to hope, to dreams and learning how to make them realities. Here’s to communal friendship, to reaching out, to giving and sharing and understanding and learning and SO much more! 2015 is “our” year 🙂

  6. Great bit of ‘doggerel’ there Linne! It seems to have covered all the bases and not a soul would feel left out. It was lovely to read! I can see what you are doing with the latest Bavarian – it will be interesting to see what it looks like a little bigger – I had wondered about the possibility myself, but didn’t try it out. Happy New Year, hope all the sorting is getting done ready for the move. xo

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