Silent on Sunday . . .

Well, nearly silent . . . you know me . . .   🙂

First, I apologize for replying to so few comments. I began with 15 December, but am still not caught up. Partly because you all post such intriguing posts and I am trying to catch up on reading them, too. It won’t likely get better before February. Still, I value each of you so much and appreciate that you take time to read and comment. That said, here’s the (ha!) ‘silent’ Sunday post . . .


All day yesterday . . . white stuff falling . . .


. . . last week, when the local news weathergirl said she wanted people to tweet their snow photos and tell her how deep it was at their place, I tweeted the above to her, mentioning that at my Aunty’s place, we had four feet . . . she favourite it, which was generous, I think. Gave me a chuckle, so that was good . . .


One last pair of slippers underway and then I will felt!


This is a rather interesting mystery I’ve been reading. I’ve never read so little in my life. Less than a book in two weeks is what I’m averaging now. Used to be more than a book a day, but things change, eh?


I especially like the cover illustration. But then, ravens and their associated relatives are my symbols or whatever you want to call them. I’m definitely somewhere between raven and magpie, don’t you think? In the book, though, it’s a thrush that is the symbolic ‘murder bird’. I suppose most readers wouldn’t recognize a thrush . . .


Been busy today packing (also sorting and letting go). I’ve had a cough for over a week (just stress, nothing contagious, but it means lost sleep) and somehow pulled my inner left knee muscle again, so back to wearing the knee support and resting when possible. I bought this lovely arrangement when I worked at the wee antique shop. I’m giving it to the Crafties if they want it. They are coming tomorrow to take all my plants, too, and a few other things, like my dyeing kettles. The new place faces north and has odd long windows in a corner of each bedroom, but the only place for plants is in a corner of the living room where they will need a grow light. So, I’ve decided to give that space to Mum for her plants. She’ll be quite happy to have them accessible again, I’m sure.


Started this yesterday. It will be for one of the three remaining wee relatives that I want to make something for and will use up at least some of the yarn I bought for the Bavarians. I’ve been in love with My Eclectic Home & Life’s blog for a while, as you may have noticed, and especially her Scandinavian CAL (crochet-a-long) blanket.

Selma got her idea from Lucy at Attic24, and if you are interested, the pattern is here. If you aren’t a blanket addict yet, you will be soon! I promise!! And if blankets seem too daunting, try out some of the smaller projects on both these blogs. Your life will change!


Here’s a close-up of my fifth row being created. This will not be exactly like the Scandinavian blanket (i.e., a four-row repeat), but was inspired by this new blanket that Selma is using at a teaching class, where she has at least six people taking part.

Update: I just found out I’m to be included in the class!!! even though I will be somewhat delayed by packing and moving . . . no worries, though. I’m only using a 120 stitch chain, so it will be quicker than a single bed size would be.

Have a wonderful week, everyone. (I wasn’t really silent at all, was I? . . . sigh . . .)


33 thoughts on “Silent on Sunday . . .

  1. I don’t suppose a thrush would be nearly as intimidating as a raven. I also got a chuckle at the four-feet. Now, that’s my idea of accumulation! Love your sense of humor.

  2. I like how you share so much of yourself. I am glad to be starting to read your posts, I will be like you, catching up for awhile. I go to the library to blog and read so I don’t do this more than 3 hours a day, usually one hour after work. Take care and good luck in your move!

    • Christi, what genres do you read most? My inquiring mind wants to know . . . 😉

      That was always me, too. I suspect it’s how many strongly introverted people deal with the overwhelm of living in a world designed by, and for, flaming extraverts . . . worked for me 😉

      • Wendy, It’s 5:30 am and I’ve only managed 2 hours sleep, so I hope you’ll forgive my calling you ‘Christi’, nice as that name is. 🙂 I seem to have lost my mind . . . hope I find it again . . .

  3. Mutti my dearest hippimutter, you and silent are blessedly words that do NOT go together. 😉 I can say this as it takes one to know one. 😛
    You will be so VERY proud of me… I have started to…

    …Can you guess?


    Yep, reached the point on my jumper where I was just lenghtening the body so figured time to hook the bodicework so youtubed the stitches, found a british american conversion chart for the terms then with trepidation, I started.
    I know you told me it’s as easy as pie but I would never have believed it was as easy as it is. I mean, seriously easy! I intend to go trawling thorugh your old posts for that Bavarian “recipe” (I can’t think of the word I want, ah yes, PATTERN! Mental blank but too funny to take out 😉 ) and I think I might have a go at a blanket as I have a large chest that my dad built and it’s half full of assortments of yarn so time for a granny square rug or something. Might just join in the one you’re doing and use up all the oddball bits of yarn I have. Bit hot though for a blanket this week though. My wool jumper (the one for which I sent the pattern) is warm enough. 🙂

    Anyway, laughing with you that you’ve started more works with some still in progress. Can’t wait to see those 4 feet in felt and here’s hoping the lead up to Feb goes well.

    Hugs mutti.

    • Jessie, I AM proud! Way to go!! Looking forward to photos (hint, hint).
      I used to tell customers (in our now defunct Lewiscraft stores) tbat crochet is ‘one stick and a piece of string’ and knitting is ‘two sticks and a piece of string’ 😉 Makes it less intimidating.
      Hope you join us, even if you have to finish when autumn cools things down a bit.

      I like to tell myself that my UFO collection is a sign of a seriously creative person, but I’m afraid it’s closer to being an addiction crossed with a bad case of ‘easily-distracted-itis . . . sigh . . .

  4. Linne, I love the colors you are using in your latest blanket. I have been considering crocheting a couple of blankets for the little ones when they stay over night in the winter months.

    I know what you mean about reading less. From the time I was very little I averaged three books a week. I haven’t been anywhere as close lately. I blame it on acquiring new hobbies. 🙂

    • Yes, Lois, hobbies do get in the way; and now you have your lovely new grounds and home to keep you occupied . . . You must be excited to begin on gardens!

      Attic24 and EclecticHome&Life have great patterns for simple and beautiful blankets . . . once the stash is used up, I’m thinking of making a few for myself . . . but I want wool for winter snuggling and cotton for summer comfort.

    • Nope, Pauline, and I’m the same face-to-face . . .
      I have a weird sense of humour, too, but you know that, right? 😉

      The move is moving along, pardon the pun, like a mule-drawn cart with squarish wheels . . . but it’s happening. Hard to believe my world will be so altered in just a few days . . . but that’s life, isn’t it?

  5. Goes to show that weathermen/women have a good sense of humour after all (they must do with all of the inaccurate weather reports that we keep getting 😉 ). I follow Attic 24’s blog but haven’t actually made anything from the blog yet. I simply don’t have the time at the moment and you are about as silent as I am at any given time ;). Off to look up what a thrush looks like. Hopefully I don’t end up with graphic images of other kinds of thrush! Here’s to a lovely easy move and to quickly getting used to your new abode for everyone moving 🙂

  6. Another lot of projects, you do keep yourself busy 🙂 I feel like such a slouch next to your creativity. It’s tricky letting go of all that stuff we accumulate isn’t it? I have slowly been letting go of my stuff too. I have sorted and donated clothes, knick knacks, bags and shoes. I still have quite a bit to go…..

    • Well, Kym, it’s mostly that I’m sitting with my Aunty so much . . . and was raised to not have idle hands 😉

      I’m not one to let go of much, but living conditions can change at any time and I can’t expect friends to drop everything just to help out. It was different when I did most/all of my own moving.

      Good luck with your stuff . . . it’s not easy, especially for those of us of the Raven / Magpie tribes . . .

  7. Hello dear Linne! Four feet – he, he, he! Very clever. Please, never any need to apologise to me for being late or behind with anything to do with blogging because I’m ALWAYS behind. Every year I say I’ll keep up but I invariably fall behind again. That’s life for me, I think. Ha! And speaking of late and a fair bit dippy – it took a while to dawn on me that you were behind the beautiful lavender hand cream I received from New Zealand last year. The card didn’t have your name on it – and I’m more than a little dippy! But it is the most beautiful cream – so a million thanks for such a thoughtful gift. To think of others like that when you’ve had so much going on in your life is incredible. I really hope your cough and your knee get better very soon because you don’t need either of those with a big move underway! Isn’t Lucy from Attic24’s crochet so beautiful. She is a true talent – and thanks for the referral to Selma’s blog, too. I’ll head over there now. All the very best to you, your family and The Crafties, Linne. Stay warm. Dani xoxoxox

    • Thanks, Dani. Not sure I’ll ever catch up, but woke early this morning, so am taking advantage of the extra time.

      Hand cream from NZ? Sounds lovely!

      The cough and knee are nearly ok, but the move this Friday may set the knee back. Fat, stairs and boxes = unhappy knees (not to mention injuries from my younger days . . .)

      I was glad to re-connect with Lucy’s site again and Selma drew me in on many counts, but the Scandinavian connection is one of the strongest. Haven’t had time to try her recipes, but the CAL is just what I needed to use up the stash left from my Bavarian Binge 😉

    • Glad to share a laugh, Cathy. I have an odd sense of humour sometimes.

      The weather has been warm, unusually so, which is good for me, at least. My stuff gets shifted on Friday, Mum’s in a week. Hope this holds ’til we’re done.

      Apart from my selfishness, though, it’s a bit concerning . . .

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