The Fabric Cupboards

Here are the cupboards, out on the deck in sub-freezing weather (but not too cold; I didn’t need a jacket). One cupboard is washed, the other about to be…

…and here they are in the second bedroom, filled with more than half my fabric stash:


20130226-153254.jpg These were some of the yarn display bins in one of the Lewiscraft stores until the chain closed a few years ago. I bought these and some other units.

. . . and while I’m at it, here’s most of the yarn I kept out of the storage:

You can’t really tell from the photo, but the shelves extend to the left; I have two IKEA shelving units set up against the long wall; one on either side of a purple wooden cupboard stacked on my favourite old green set of drawers. There is more than yarn on the shelves; there are also two old comforters waiting to be upcycled (nothing special, just generic dept. store covers. Good for practising on, and will give some child a place to play, or curl up with a book . . .


2 thoughts on “The Fabric Cupboards

  1. Man, I thought I had a lot of stuff hanging around to be ‘upcycled’ and what-have-you. Way to get it accessible and in one (basically) spot! I haven’t got nearly as much as you, but it could use some organizing. I’ll just put that on the list of a zillion things to do. 😉

    • I hate to tell you this, Kriscinda, but I have two large storage units in B.C. (with a few pieces of antique furniture, my beloved books, family items, gardening stuff, etc.) and another one here (since my apt flooded and I moved in with my Mum (then after being laid off, I gave notice on my place, put lots more in the storage and kept out what I thought I could reasonably use here. Then was overwhelmed with the allness of everything and didn’t get it organized. Now it’s finally happening. Partly so Mum can do some of what she loves (like set up her looms and get weaving again) and partly so I can start using up my multiple stashes.

      When I came here, I thought it was for a short time, so didn’t want to move everything; then, of course, I needed things to do, so began purchasing again. Crazy, I know! I’m an idea person, which doesn’t help. However, if I live to be 150 or more, there’s an outside chance that I will get all my planned projects actually completed . . . actually, I think I will be done sooner than that. I just find one of my biggest fears is to be still here, but have run out of things to do . . . I don’t think that’s too likely, given my natural inclinations.

      I also have a big ‘dish barrel’ out on the balcony that’s full of smaller wooden items that I plan to paint.

      Anyway, I bet I make you look positively frugal in your lifestyle! ~ Linne

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