The Word for Wednesday is . . .

as in:
One good tern deserves another.
Whose tern is it, anyway? (on finding a bird on the beach)
The bird steering the dinghy is a stern tern.
A song about three birds in a row: Tern, Tern, Tern . . .
A quick-thinking bird: a sharp tern.
Forgotten at the station: a left tern.
A bird with correct answers: a right tern.
A common sight in spring: tern over a new leaf.
A bird’s female relative might be a sis tern.
A sad bird is a down tern. (and so is a bird with fluffy under-feathers!)
Overfeeding a bird may lead to a wide tern.
Bird on a tortoise? A slow tern.

{a punny thing happened to the Word for Wednesday}

Add more in the comment section; after all, it’s your tern!


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