Happy Easter, everyone!

I wish all of you, followers, casual visitors and friends a wonderful weekend, whether you celebrate Easter or not. I’ve been with my sister this afternoon and here is a shot of one corner of her dining table:

20130330-205515.jpg she’s getting baskets ready for our Mum and the three girls who will be there tomorrow. Lots of fun!!


9 thoughts on “Happy Easter, everyone!

  1. More belated Happy Easters from “Aussieland” ;). I brought back a massive Easter Egg that the girls bought Steve for belated easter (they even bought me vegan Easter Bunny chocolates 😉 ) that was made in the U.K. and consisted of an “English trifle egg made with custard flavoured white chocolate, jelly pieces and almond sprinkles”…YUM! He is saving it till he has eaten all of the other chocolate that he has amassed in the name of Easter ;). Hope you and yours had a wonderful day and the recipients of those eggs enjoyed them to the max 🙂

    • Super Steve is a man after my own heart! I like to save ‘best for last’, too! (but my Mum says, “Life is uncertain; eat dessert first!” ;-P That egg sounds scrumptious!! He deserves it, too; he did a great job of pulling off your ‘magic’ trick . . .

      The eggs at my sister’s went mostly to our brother’s two granddaughters, who live with my sister and BIL. Some were for their friend, who lives just a house away, too. And a few eggs and a giant chocolate bunny made their way here to Mum’s; of course, a wee bunny doing a practise run had dropped by while I was at my Aunty’s, leaving a few chocolate peanut butter bunnikins; yummmmm.… and there are a few left still ..…
      my jeans are growing looser, so I’m in no hurry to fight with nature ;-P

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