Free stuff

Free e-books for homesteaders who want to know . . . thanks to one rabid little hippy!

Rabid Little Hippy

I’s a call out to people isn’t it. The word “free” appeals. Something for nothing. And how often does that happen that you truly get something for nothing? Buy 2 get 1 free is marketting aimed at getting you to buy 2 of something that you my have only intended to buy one of. Interest free – well, maybe there’s a period of time with no interest but what happens if you haven’t paid for your item before the end of the interest free period? Free usually seems to come with strings attached or isn’t truly free when all is said and done.

However this time it does appear that I have something free to offer you.

Yes, actually free. 🙂 is a link to some free ebooks. And yes, they do appear to be truly free. I have downloaded most of them 😀 No credit card or paypal…

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