Can I ask a favour please?

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13 thoughts on “Can I ask a favour please?

    • Nope! I do now, but I thought it was Super-Steve being funny or you Photoshopped him . . . It’s pretty small on my phone, and that’s my defense . . .

      • Yup…Mrs 23 Thorns thought so to ;). NOT Steve… Manny from Black Books, named Bill Bailey and an amazingly funny and talented musician and comedian. Just wait till you get to the episode of Black Books where Fran is trying to learn the piano, you will see just how amazing he is then 😉

      • I do know of Bill; I have a young friend living in Edinburgh, working as a comedienne; still early stages, though. Her family live here but are British and she and her sister love Bill.

        I’m not going there ’til I get stuff done. Taking a break for water just now.

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