Finally, actions are being taken . . .

People all over the world are fed up with Monsanto. I’m glad to see some are taking steps to stop this arrogant company that doesn’t care if it destroys us all and the earth along with us.

I’m usually more patient and willing to give others a chance; but not in this case.


18 thoughts on “Finally, actions are being taken . . .

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    Monsanto – too much power, too much greed and way too little concern about our future generations and the planet. I admire anyone who takes a stand against corporations like this Monsanto. I am not a Christian but the words “The meek will inherit the earth” I hope depict a future where the little man wins over social injustice, corporate greed and newly formed food control measures etc.

      • Oh, I know . . . I have trouble keeping up and then I discover more fascinating blogs . . .

        BTW, I love those boots in your gravatar; I’ve never seen zebra boots (or that’s what they look like on my phone . . . ) 🙂

      • Lol, thank you. Yep they are zebra boots. My husband likes quirky and found them at a garage sale for $1, fell in love. Came home and put pansies in, I thought it was pretty cute 🙂

      • That IS cute! My Mum used to plant in Dad’s old work boots; at the last house we lived in, she used my brother’s worn-out cowboy boots. They look great!

      • I love folk art! I haven’t done a lot, but I have a big dish barrel on the balcony full of ‘cutesy’ things waiting to be painted . . . and a wooden bench and other things . . .

        Do you have any photos of what you’ve done? I’d be interested in seeing them.

        I also began studying rosemaling, Norwegian folk art. Beautiful, rich colours. I need practise, though . . . my hand is not steady enough for long, swooping lines. If you’re not familiar with it, go here:

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    In general I do not support illegal activities. I do not believe in vandalism. I do not believe in the wanton destruction of others property BUT I can’t but help cheering the brave anti-GMO soldiers who are fighting against Monsanto and cronies.

    • Yes! How can it be illegal to fight to protect ourselves and future generations, to say nothing of the earth and all other living things?

    • and thanks for spreading the word. I hope others do the same. I’ve seen this story and others like it on FBook and Twitter, which is good, too.

  3. The French revolution was (from the little I know) a bloody reign of terror and probably not something to consider a wonderful thing. HOWEVER, if the French and all other worldly citizens wish to wage war and shed every drop of GM blood (the crops, not the people) then I can’t but stand up and say YEAH! I know that this will financially hurt those farmers that grow GMO crops but I believe there is only one way to beat Monsatan and their fellow devils and that is to fight fire with fire. They wage legal war against anyone who dares lift a microscopic finger to their might so may we all raise an itty bitty match to their giant momo crops of poison. Oh and to vote with our wallets of course. Much easier here in Australia where all GMO’s MUST be labelled (May contain GMO’s).

    • Generally, people only revolt when not to do so seems worse. This may hurt the farmers for now, but research is starting to show that GMO crops yeild LESS, and poorer quality, crops than conventional seeds.

      The insanity of the Mammonites, who think money and profit are the only values by which to judge, has to stop! It’s suicidal. But Monsanto has invested so much money in this, and they want the power over other people, so they can’t see a way to stop.

      If half that money had gone to teaching better, and smaller, farming methods, think where we’d be!

      They are trying to patent seeds, then only sell hybrids. BigPharma wants to patent our DNA . . . BigFarma wants to patent all seeds. What’s the difference??

      A while back, some Euro country loaned a small S. American country a fair bit of cash and in return demanded the rights to ALL their water!! (sorry, the exact details escape me just now)

      A law was passed prohibiting collecting rainwater . . . even the poorest people were forced to buy water. That didn’t last long, of course; enough people revolted to rescind the whole deal.

      I’m with you, rabid; bring on the matches!! (easy for me to say; I live in a city; nary a crop in sight, GMO or Natural. Still . . .

      We don’t have labelling here in Canada, either, although I’d say most people want it. The powers that be are afraid we WILL vote with our wallets, I guess.

      One way or another, though, we owe it to our children, heck, to everyone’s children! to fight for their right to a safe world. And there are many ways to do that . . .

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