Feta Cheese – it’s easy to make it yourself . . .

After reading about Rabid Little Hippy’s goat coming home and then rabid herself going to a workshop on cheese-making http://rabidlittlehippy.wordpress.com/2013/06/17/life-is-good/, I was delighted to find this post on the ‘Mortgage Free in Three’ blog: http://mortgagefreeinthree.com/2013/06/homemade-feta-cheese/ Good pictures and clear instructions.

Then I looked up my favourite bought feta (was called Dofo, but they were bought out by someone else; the cheese seems the same now, which is good news for me); sorry, I do digress, don’t I  😉

Anyway, I found this: http://gourmet.lovetoknow.com/Difference_Between_Feta_Cheese_and_Goat_Cheese

where they say that technically, feta is made from at least 70% sheep’s milk and up to, but not exceeding, 30% goat’s milk. I doubt there’s a lot of sheep’s milk around, but I bet if you used 70% goat’s milk and up to 30% cow’s milk, you’d get a tasty cheese. Worth trying, I’d say.


25 thoughts on “Feta Cheese – it’s easy to make it yourself . . .

    • I could get goat’s milk at the store, but not sheep’s milk. Would be worth trying it with cow’s milk, even. At least it would be a cheaper way to indulge myself . . .

      • Yep, that’s my thing, too, unfortunately. We buy the cheap cheddar from Safeway, ’cause Mum likes it, but that’s all. So making it’s definitely in my future. 🙂 And the whey can be used for bread making, pancakes, muffins or other baking, too; there’s nutrition there and so you won’t want to toss it. Or you can feed it to the chooks. Of course, it can always be recycled through the compost, too.

      • No, I only just got started with the kefir. I have put some through a coffee filter ’til I had a big lump, then I added some dry onion soup mix to make it sort of like a dip. I ended up using some on rice and veg, some on pasta and veg. It was pretty good. Cheese will be the next big thing, I suspect. Once I’m back upstairs, anyway. Did you see Narfie7’s comment to me including a couple of links to making feta cheese from tofu? That’s on my list, too, for when I have space for tofu making.

      • Ah ok. I wondered what it would be like, I am keen to try that. Narf is sending me some grains, very kind of her. Yes, I did see her comments, that sounds interesting too. So many things to try!!

      • The first couple of batches may smell quite yeasty, so some people have recommended tossing them out. I don’t mind odd flavours, so I made blender drinks out of them and they were fine. I did add some maple syrup to offset the sourness.

        Now, if the kefir tastes a bit sour (if I leave it too long or the grains multiply too much) I add a Med-Jool date or two. Apple juice is nice with it, too.

        You can feed excess to birds and animals if you don’t use it for baking.

      • Yes I read that. I’m sure we could use it in smoothies or something – it would have a healthy about of good bacteria I imagine 🙂 Yep, there’s always the chooks.

      • I am thinking of going back to having a cup of hot water, honey and apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning; can’t remember which blog it was on (no memory left on my little head chips), but apparently the ACV has pre-biotics, which facilitate the use of the kefir’s pro-biotics. And ACV is good for chooks, too; also goats, dogs, etc. ~ Linne

      • I was thinking that was likely your post; it was getting close to when I was going down to make supper for my Aunty, so I didn’t take the time to look it up. I haven’t tried making ACV yet; another thing on my list . . . At this rate, I’ll never kick the bucket!! 😉 or I’ll go kicking and screaming like a little kid, “But I’m not finished yet!!” LOL Oh well, at least I won’t die from boredom . . . 🙂

      • Yeah . . . and the years just keep rolling on . . . I want a do-over . . . oh, I forgot . . . I’m coming back anyway! 🙂

        My Crafty Friend called me today to say one of her granddaughters has moved in for a while, so they were shifting things upstairs to give the girl a room. My Friend found a box of my books (she’s storing some stuff for me that won’t fit in the storage or that I don’t want damaged). On top was a book on Fair Isle knitting . . . now when the Lewiscraft chain closed, I bought more yarn than you would believe (I didn’t mean to, honestly! But it was a type of yarn herre and a set of colours there and suddenly I had over seven leaf bags full! I beat Baa, baa, black sheep!!). Anyway, I had lots of Astra, a worsted weight, I think, in a variety of colours. I was knitting teddies then (and recently found a bunch of them partly done and have resumed the work on them). I used two strands of a colour to make each ted, resulting in lots of leftovers. So then I bought a couple bags of that yarn in a very hot pink. The plan was to use the hot pink as the background and the various leftovers for the patterning of a Fair Isle long cardi for myself (my own design, of course, never do anything the easy way; that’s my motto!). So I don’t think it’s accidental that my Friend found the Fair Isle book! The cardi, once done (don’t ask when!) will be known as the Teddy Cardi. You know, I need another obsession (and more UFOs . . .)!

      • That’s sweet of her; if I remember correctly, she got hers from Jess of rabid little hippy; a nice connection.

        Yes, lots to try and it all saves money.

      • Yes, it’s like that ‘Amish Friendship Cake’ starter (I think it’s a variant of sourdough) that was going around here a year or so ago; it seems nicer to get it from a friend than to buy it at a store.

      • Wish I had some of that starter now . . . but I really don’t have time to bake regularly (or at least I can’t count on having time), so it better wait for a bit, too. Besides, Mum hates a crowded fridge and with my veggies and now the kefir, it’s a bit of a jungle at the best of times . . .

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