Us and Our Neighbors

Some of you may not have seen this post, so I thought I’d drum up some more support for the Fence . . . It’s so sad that so many people want “power over” instead of “power to”, isn’t it? Well, we’ll just keep on keeping on and eventually we shall overcome . . . ~ Linne


4 thoughts on “Us and Our Neighbors

  1. Bitter twisted neighbours have a way of receiving karma if you hand your angst over to the powers that be. Our neighbour up the back has a mission in life. She (not her poor long suffering husband who just does what she tells him) wants a view of the Tamar River but didn’t buy a property with a view. She managed to coerce our house caretaker (just after my father died) to chop down all of the trees on our rear block in a 200 metre swath all the way down to the fenceline in the first paddock behind our home. She then told him we had told her that she could keep going! That was when he phoned us up and asked if it was true? NOPE! I got pretty mad as you can imagine, mostly because she took advantage of us at my fathers funeral to ask me if she could “clear the fenceline between our two properties”…I didn’t realise she meant ALL of the fencelines all the way down to the bottom of a 4 acre property! She doesn’t like us. She isn’t going to like us more when I start planting out my olive and fig trees up the back. I hope they won’t suffer the same fate as the small sheoak trees that constantly seem to end up snapped and cut off along the dividing fenceline. I wouldn’t really mind but there is an area of easement between our properties that belongs to the council that has been set aside as a road so they don’t even own it! We just let it go and released them to their bitter fates and not too long after we did that, the poor male quotient was cutting trees down on his property and a tree fell on him! It put paid to him dropping trees for good. He didn’t die but he was pretty squished. Nature has a way of reminding us that we can’t have that much control over our environment without consequences. People who allow hate and anger and who fester away at “my rights!” tend to leave this earth earlier than people who learn their place in the scheme of things. Life has a way of making the road smoother for people that trust.

    • Oh, I so agree with you, Narf7! I cannot believe the things some people will do . . . sociopathic, really. And I think there is a post in that subject, too. Approaching you at your father’s funeral is so low, it makes weasels look upright and caring . . . I would have been livid!! I do use your approach, really, but it seems that first I go through a few stages; furious, sad, angry, sad, stubborn and sulking sometimes (depends on the circumstances), then I end up choosing an approach that will get me what I want without causing me internal harm. That stage can be quite interesting.

      I’ve never owned property, so the issues like yours and Kriscinda’s have not come up for me. Although logging the hills on that favourite property affected me emotionally the same way; it’s just that we had no rights . . .

      I’d be planting trees, too LOL. Even if I hadn’t intended to in the first place. I don’t understand why they didn’t buy a place with a view if a view meant so much to them . . . and I continue to be shocked by the number of people who think they have some sort of ‘right’ to force others to live in a fashion designed by them. I wonder if they would like to have me design their lives . . . now there’s a thought . . .

      • When we rented in another state and all of my children lived with us, my son worked in an accounting firm in town and we lived next door to what was effectively a dosshouse for teenagers. There was a single guy renting the place who sub let it (he didn’t live there) to about 10 teenagers who could care less about noise or anything really. Whenever there was a real estate property inspection the tenant would turn up and make them clean the place up and would be standing there beaming at the estate agent. We ended up telling them to come and see him without informing him in advance by mail and they caught him out BUT in the meantime they would party all night, all day and my son had to get up at 6am to go to work with no sleep. His solution? Fish in the meter box… 😉 Revenge is sweet! At least it made him feel a bit better 😉

      • Good response, the fish . . . I’ve lived next to people who played their music loud and late every night. I fantasize about having a large sound system and playing things like “The Charge of the Light Brigade” (cannons and all) repeatedly around dawn or so . . . once I’m sure they have just gotten to sleep. I’m sure nothing would be resolved, but my immature self would have fun . . .

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