Hot and Lurgical . . . the Mystery continues . . . and more bread!


Isn’t this cute? I found it in the last bag of cherries I purchased and to me it looks like a tiny mouse perched on top and nibbling away. I love these odd things that one finds from time to time . . .

It’s not as not as it gets downunder, but for me it’s still hot. We just had a five minute shower, but I don’t feel much difference in the temperature. This weather has me thinking of Victoria (BC), where pretty much every afternoon at four a lovely breeze moves in off the ocean and cools everything (and everyone) off . . . I keep reminding myself that it’s only a few weeks ’til we’re back under a bland white blanket and I’ll be whinging about the cold . . .

In the meantime, the Lurgy is alive and well and seems to have taken a liking to me. The cough is less frequent, the lungs have cleared up, but I’m still feeling pretty draggy and a bit out of sorts. However, this, too, shall pass, as they say . . .

So I’ve been knitting on the ‘plain garter stitch shawl’ and it’s coming along nicely. Sorry, I don’t have a more recent photo to share with you. And in between knitting, I’ve been crocheting away on the Mystery project. Nope, no more photos! Maybe when it’s finished . . . if I take a photo now, it’s more likely one of you will guess what it is . . . I had quite a few Mystery projects planned when I began that one, but they are on hold for a bit until things settle down around here.


I have finally mastered the new (to me) bread machine! I found a recipe for ‘rapid white bread’ that bakes in a few minutes less than two hours. I added some wheat germ to it, of course. I had dome some reading to try and figure out why the first loaves, while tasty, were so short and dense. Turns out that adding a couple extra tablespoons of water and about a quarter teaspoon more yeast makes all the difference!


Then I made a smoothie from Delicious Delilah’s output and got out the kefir cream cheese I made a few days ago.


Isn’t that a lovely crumb?? Now to add the finishing touch . . .


Ah, yes! Strawberry jam (not homemade, unfortunately). And served on my currently favourite plate . . . yum!

Since I’m hoping to have all my things packed up by the end of next week and then moved into storage, I will probably not post again until next Saturday. I can hear your FeedReaders sighing in relief . . . 🙂

Have a great week, everyone! ~ Linne


22 thoughts on “Hot and Lurgical . . . the Mystery continues . . . and more bread!

    • It’s fairly easy, if you start with the manual and are fairly rigid about measuring . . . If whole wheat bread comes out dense, try letting it rise once, then unplug the machine and start it from the beginning of the cycle. You can use regular yeast, too; just add a tablespoon or so of lemon juice. I like making bread by hand, but we don’t have room and I usually don’t have time, either.

    • Have you ever tried ‘thousand garlic chicken’? You break up a couple of garlic bulbs, but don’t peel the cloves. Layer them thickly in the bottom of a cast iron frying pan (a large one is best). Arrange pieces of chicken on top and roast at about 350 F. I think I used to do mine about a half hour or so; til done, actually. The chicken has only a hint of garlic and the garlic is eaten by ‘squishing’ it into one’s mouth sort of like toothpaste from a tube. Lovely!! I’m thinking that might work with tofu, too. Never tried it, but now it’s on my list. Thanks for the good wishes. I’m nearly back to normal, partly ’cause I’ve been eating masses of raw veggies and partly ’cause I cut out sweets except for dates or honey in my smoothies. I cut out the tea and coffee for the most part, too. Hope all’s well with you, too, and lots of hugs back. ~ Linne

      • Hope you like it! I was thinking the same thing might work for veggies, alone or alongside the chicken. Haven’t tried it myself, but will do one day.

  1. My dad could tell I had eaten a tiny bit of garlic almost before I got in the door. He was obviously vampiric. My sister is a vampire as well. They pay her to take blood. I have resisted the familial career and choose to abstain from all things “Type” related. Why don’t you and Christi use the kefir cream cheese to make icecream…

    I use my small amount of milk kefir that my non dairy kefir dunks in once every 3 days to keep it alive and kicking in making cakes. They always turn out amazingly moist and delicious and Steve loves them. I haven’t tried kefir whey in bread making yet but plan on doing it when I am not so hectic as we are here at the moment. I love the look of the cream cheese and with approximately 60 probiotics slithering around inside it, it would be amazing for you.

    The lurgy skirted around the outside of me and then buggered off to climes far away apparently. Sorry about that…hope the storage thing goes well and you will be most grateful for a rest after all of that! See you when you get back 🙂

    • ‘I’ am Type-related . . .
      That’s funny about your sister. My Mum has someone come every two weeks to take blood and we always call them the vampires . . .

      Hadn’t thought of ice cream . . . But I ate my cream cheese, so I guess I’m making more over the next couple of days! That pumpkin recipe would be perfect, as I already have cans of pumpkin here. I was putting it in my smoothies back BK (before kefir). The lemon sounds tempting, too. I could use some good temptations right about now, so if they are good for me as well, it’s a win-win, right? I won’t be making cakes until the weather cools off, but then I see cakes and cookies (sorry, biscuits) in our future.

      I did use the whey in the bread machine and it worked just fine.

      As to the lurgy, fun as it may be to blame someone on the other side of the globe, I know darn well it’s stress-related for me. I used to get laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, whatever, all the time when I was in my early twenties. Then my fabulous very progressive doctor got me into health stuff; I learned about the acid-alkaline balance, and since then I only get sick when I’m under a lot of stress and even then it’s mild so long as I eat properly. Which I did not do this last time. Too many store-bought biscuits, which I don’t care for but will eat anyway. Go figure . . .

      The storage thing is an extra pain that I really don’t need, especially as it means that nearly all my supplies will now be very hard to access, so the plans I had for this summer will continue to melt as the morning mists . . . oh, well, I’ve paid me money and now I’ll take me chances . . . (meaning I’ve made my choices, so what comes from them I will deal with) I’ll be starting to pack up in earnest tomorrow. Then it’s gonna be ‘how do I get it to the storage place?’ I can’t rent a truck (no credit card) and have not been able to contact my one friend who has one. But something will work out; likely at the last minute . . . my norm, for some reason.

      Thanks for the good wishes (esp after I blamed you for my lurgy . . . ) 😉 Hope I won’t be gone too long.

      • that saying “I’ve paid me money” is one of our familial sayings as well so I most certainly know what it means ;). Hopefully it all goes smoothly and if you are going to eat those shop biscuits, get some that are slightly good for you. It’s a lot easier to feel good about yourself if you are eating well. I used to feel rubbish all of the time but am buzzing with energy now. Have plans for using my non-dairy kefir to culture some nut based vegan cheeses. It already tastes a bit “cheesy” so I figure even if I just end up with yoghurt it is a win-win situation. Experimentation…thy name is narf! 😉

      • Not going all that smoothly yet, but ‘this, too, shall pass’ . . .

        Have been off the shop biccies since I wrote that. Instead of switching to a slightly more nutritious sort, have switched to cashews and sulternas.

        I’m making cheese now, so I can experiment with one of those ice cream recipes you gave me links to. And the whey will go into bread.

        Will let you know how it all works out and looking forward to hearing about your cheeses.

    • p.s. Didn’t mean to be so rude . . . thanks LOTS for the linkies . . . I’m looking forward to ice cream at the end of all this. Hugs to you!

    • It does, too! I had it on top of the fridge and at eye level the stem looked so like a mouse tail, although it was a pretty tiny mouse . . .
      I hope I’m better soon, too. I rarely have anything wrong with me, but stress will do it . . .

      One thing about good homemade bread; it’s so much more filling! One slim slice and I’m stuffed! Love it!!

  2. I love your unusual cherry, I have a very unusual lemon growing at the moment which you’ve just reminded me to photograph. Still sick? Try chewing and eating a raw clove of garlic. It tastes awful but is really good for colds and coughs. Tip: do this at night before bed, not when about to see other people!

    • Thanks! I love raw garlic (used to eat sandwiches of bread, butter and sliced garlic), but Mum and my Aunty can’t stand it, so we don’t keep it in either apt. It’s good to steep chopped garlic in honey, too, for coughs.

  3. Creation makes the world make sense – or as much sense as the world can make. Bread, knitting, or painting chairs, as I have been doing. It’s all good energy for the universe, something healing about it all. ❤

  4. Gorgeous breakfast, Linne! I, too, have favorite plates, and I also have a ton of that kefir cream cheese. I use the whey as the liquid in my bread; it makes the crust firmer. Plus we get all those yummy probiotics. But I find the cream cheese/sourcream accumulates.

    Hope you are feeling 100% soon. The lurgy does drag on, and having it in the summer is a bummer. The ocean breeze is a blessing in the summer, I agree. Cloudy and drizzly the rest of the year, but the summers are the best.

    • Yes, it was very yummy . . .
      even at other people’s places, if they have different cutlery and china/pottery, I tend to have ‘favourites’; it’s hard when I go there after some time and my faves have been replaced . . . especially if it’s with rather nondescript stuff. 😉

      I did use my whey in one of the bread batches, but it took me a while to get around to using the cheese. So I have no more whey on the go at present. The output was getting hard for one person (me!) to keep up with, so I confess I’ve been eating bits of Delilah in my smoothies; she continues to produce lovely amounts of kefir, though; no grudge-holder, she!

      Yes, summers are best on the wet coast; but all in all I’d take winters there over winters here. At least I could go out and walk without tiptoeing along, hoping not to fall down (which I’ve done too many times already!). Nice you are so near the sea . . .

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