Happy Mail via ravenpost


What I woke up to this morning . . .

IMG_5857 IMG_5858

Two photos of the ‘Project’ that I’ve been referring to for some time now . . .

that was part One.


Part Two of the same Project.

And now, here is the Happy Mail being readied for my trusty raven to carry west and south to the lovely new owner, The Contented Crafter, Pauline!

  IMG_5885 IMG_5886

Those are the two scarves she purchased from my Etsy shop.

 IMG_5923 IMG_5925

Walking back from the local outlet for ravenpost.ca, I spied an amazing raven in the sky to the west. I think that was Pauline’s box on its way already . . .

I took that as a good omen on an otherwise rather trying day (not Pauline’s parcel, believe me; no, just some stuff going on in my life), so after I arrived home, I was checking out the Etsy store run by Sarah of the Frühlingskabine micro-farm and spied the most perfect little raven  necklace. After the stress of the past few weeks, and then the happiness of having some financial stuff with the government finally resolved (after nine months!), I took that sky as an omen and purchased the necklace. That was my very first Etsy purchase, too. Ravens are important to me for my own historical reasons (to be blogged about in future) and because of their importance in Norske mythology.

If you’re curious, here’s a link to the necklace.

I’ve been listening to Runrig’s O Cho Meallt (Much Deception)

The full line is “There is much deception in the world” and the song is about what happened when they signed a contract (in their early days) with an unscrupulous English producer from southern England. Once that contract was done, they went back to managing their music themselves. A good lesson for us all, eh?

See you soon, my friends.


24 thoughts on “Happy Mail via ravenpost

  1. Isn’t’ this weather a kick in the butt. I was so looking forward to some sun but it seems like they keep saying tomorrow, then again, tomorrow. Good day to be creative inside me thinks. Pauline is going to love her new scarves. I sent a parcel, via ground post -vs- air and it took a whole 3 months, LOL Just as I was thinking it MUST be lost forever, it arrived. Hope you have better luck. Congratulations on your first Etsy purchase and Happy Easter to you and yours!

    • Hi, Boomdee; nice to see you here. Yes, weird weather, isn’t it? More snow this morning, too. Lucky most of it’s not staying, but even so . . .
      I agree about being creative indoors. But instead, today I went through a big pile of old files I’ve been avoiding for ages; discarded nearly half and have most of the rest ready to box up. Then I finished the last parts of Christi’s Family Favourite Casserole, which I shall eat some of before bed tonight. Good cold weather food . . .

      I saw your post, and Pauline’s, about that parcel, so I sprang for sending via ravenpost. That canoe doesn’t seem to be paddled with any great speed . . .

      So yes, it better arrive sooner than three months or I will be seriously irked! 😉 Glad yours made it, though. I was SO awed and impressed by the packaging in general. Mine is ‘me’, a bit quirky, is all. It was that or wait another three months before I could send it . . .

      Thanks for the congrats, too. Do you have an Etsy store? I looked, but couldn’t find one. Your things are lovely enough to sell, for sure.

      Happy Easter to you, too, and your household and all . . . hope there’s some chocolate in your future . . .

      • I think next time I mail something to Pauline, I will definitely go for the upgrade too, lesson learned.

        I linked over to the casserole recipe, definitely looks very hearty. Since I’m a vegetarian, I’ve learned to make tasty meat free meals, but still will cook the odd meat meal for Mr B. He’s not a big meat eater though.

        Thank you for your kind words about Etsy and my projects. I don’t have an Etsy. I just love to make things for friends.I’m off to work today actually, so I’ll get to see what came in new all week. What a great gig 😀 Have a great weekend Linne!

      • I’m sure glad I did, Boomdee; I took it to the post office on the 16th and it was in NZ on the 23rd. However, there is still customs to deal with. I hope if they open things, they wrap them up again. I should have Pauline take it to a friend’s for inspection before she gets to look at the innards, eh? 🙂 She’s so good at waiting and anticipating now . . . LOL

        That casserole is what I should have been feeding my sporty growing boys back in the day . . . it would be excellent for a potluck where there will be lots of carnivorous men present (maybe the Oilers or the Eskimos, eh?) . . . was it ever good!

        I love your work, Boomdee! Of course, the thing about selling is sometimes the fun stuff becomes just a job . . . I think you could sell your potpourri, very easily . . . I can’t remember where you work, sorry. (and if you don’t like to share that sort of thing online, that’s ok; I understand). Good PR for your workplace, though . . . 😉

        It was a good weekend, thanks, and now another coming up fast. Hope your week is good and your weekend even better. Maybe aqua and turquoise?? 😉

      • Here is what’s weird. The last time I mailed to Alberta and New Zealand from the US, on the same day, the New Zealand package arrived in five days, and the Alberta package took two weeks. So strange.

      • Beyond weird, Alys. I think NZ post is much more efficient than CanadaPost. Of course, you do know we use beavers to pull the mail trucks, right? 🙂

      • Don’t they build the coolest homes? Underwater entrances and all . . . And they build awesome dams, too, to make lovely wee ponds (and some not so wee, too). I’d love a beaver pond on my eventual country property . . .

    • I love that whole family (crows, magpies, jackdaws), but ravens are far and away my favourites. I noticed when I went back to the site that the raven is carrying a stem of some sort of grain in its mouth; also a good omen for me. I’m related to Ceres . . .

      Thanks for the compliment on the scarves, too. The colours are a bit softer than you can tell in the photos and it was a lot of fun making them. Now I’m brainstorming about other things I might make for the store. I like your model, myself. Some large things, some small things; something for everyone. ~ Linne

  2. I am feeling a bit like my cat – rather over-indulged and quite spoiled 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing your lovely scarves for real – I know how much effort has gone into the making of them and the colours are so perfectly ‘me’ that I know I shall love them! Anything else that raven drops on my doorstep will be an absolute bonus 🙂

    I am very happy to hear that you purchased something nice for yourself too – wear it well and often! 🙂

    Please do remember that stressing about situations you can do nothing about does not help anybody, least of all you. Easier said than done I know, but you know that if you breathe gently into these events, the journey is easier.

    Wishing you gently warming weather, a happy Easter time, [and yes, chocolate is sugar, unless you have real chocolate, in which case it is actually good for you 🙂 ] and an opportunity to have a really wonderful adventure 🙂 xoxo

    PS I shall post about your beautiful work when it is in my hands 🙂 Stay tuned 🙂

    • You deserve to be indulged and spoilt a bit, in my opinion. You have been so supportive, not only to me, but to others, too. I think you will like the scarves. As to the rest, we shall talk . . . I was thinking that would be a perfect time for a Skype or whatever session . . . I could explain as you opened . . . let me know if you want to do that. You might be able to understand me . . . 😉

      thanks for the de-stress reminder; I took myself for a chai blended ice drink and a muffin after the library, read for an hour or so while listening to my music; as usual, that helped.

      Snow still coming down, is beginning to stick on the roads. Normal for here, though; but I’m sort of tired of dressing to go out. Soon I can whinge on about the heat, I’m sure 😉 We won’t do much for Easter, if anything, but I may pop out for that chocolate bunny for Mum and a flowering bulb. thanks for the adventure wish, too. Will be watching to see what develops . . .

      Oh, I’m tuned, alright . . . 😉 Such fun! You will be rewarded for so patiently practising Anticipation 101 . . . Big hugs to you. ~ Linne

      • 🙂 Here’s my process:

        Just ask yourself these three question: When was the last time worrying about a situation made it better? When has worrying made you feel better about the situation? When has your worrying helped someone else through a bad situation?

        When you have the answers you can decide if it is worthwhile continuing to worry or if you might find another way to approach the situation/s.

        Any help?

      • I’ll have to give these more thought, Pauline . . . Seriously, worrying hasn’t done me much good and so I gave it up (mostly) some time ago. Now, if I catch myself worrying, I try to move to a place of trust and that helps.

  3. Lovely scarves for Pauline, her favourite colours 🙂 And I love the wee necklace and nice to hear you treated yourself to something. A public holiday here today and it’s raining so I shall be sitting and replying to your emails, you have a good day xx

    • They are quite pretty, Wendy; the colours are softer than they appear in the photos, so I’m sure she will enjoy them.

      That necklace! I rarely buy jewellery, as I rarely wear anything but earrings. But I felt that was my totem bird and so lovely . . . I will wear it, for sure. I may replace the ribbon with a leather thong, though. More me, if you know what I mean . . .

      I guess you lot are all onto Good Friday already. Ours is tomorrow (it’s still Thursday here . . .). I’ll look for your replies later on. Mum will need her room soon and I’m off to the bank and the library (all closed tomorrow).

      Nice to hear from you, Wendy; hope you are doing well and I wish you a good day, too. And a Happy Easter, even if you don’t do much about it. We don’t, ourselves. I used to buy Easter candy for Mum and myself, but sugar’s not the best thing for either of us, so this year, I may stick to just a wee bit of chocolate. I don’t think that counts as sugar, does it? 😉

      • Oh, goodie! chocolate it will be, then! 🙂 I’ve always made up an Easter basket for Mum, since my grands are too far away and it’s too expensive to send anything. But this year I’m thinking just a chocolate bunny and maybe a new Sudoku book. Honestly, we both have enough ‘stuff’ that we don’t really need more . . . so I like edibles, but she can’t eat a lot of things she used to and is being pretty good about sugar (well, she eats jam, but not candy). Me, too. On looking at that necklace again, I noticed it’s called an amulet, which is just what I want right now. Also, it’s carrying a stalk of wheat, another of my totems. Grains belong to Ceres, of course. Anyway, I shall keep the lovely ribbon and find a meaningful use for it (bookmark, perhaps?) and hang it on a piece of round leather thong. That’s more me than ribbon, much as I love ribbons. 🙂 Sarah said she was posting it today, so you can expect a photo sometime this next week, customs permitting, of course . . .

  4. I think the lesson is “don’t trust that middle man!” Glad you got that lovely necklace. We have a lot of ravens around here and they are very clever creatures. I actually really like ravens and have a few of the feathers that I have found around the place tucked into a collection of native bird feathers that I have found on the property and on my walks. Glad you got those lovely scarves off to Pauline, she will love wearing them :). Sorry you are having a few problems at the moment. Sometimes life throws you curve balls and if you are like me, you suck at catching them. Hugs from cold old Sidmouth where narf7 ISN’T complaining because it is still a novelty 🙂

    • Yes, I know middle-men can be useful, but too often greed and a lust for ‘power over’ seems to rule and then the farmers, artists, makers, etc., as well as those who buy the various products, all suffer. Farmers’ markets are a good way around some of it; we could use a similar model for other fields.

      Ravens are wonderful, aren’t they? I love that you have some of their feathers around . . .

      Yes, it was good to finish the ‘project’ and then put things together. It will be fun for her, I think, but certainly not in Boomdee’s class. I just loved how she did up her package for Pauline. I didn’t mean to imply that it’s a competition; of course it isn’t; I just admire people who are so artistic in such detail. I might have drooled on Mum’s keyboard for a while, just looking at the photos . . .

      Thanks for the empathy. It’s not stuff I’d put online as it involves others. It’s hard to be in a position where one cares and has little power to implement that caring. And no, I’m not so good with the curve balls, either. 🙂

      Nice you are enjoying rain; it’s easier to do when it’s rare and needed. If it weren’t so chilly, one could go out and dance in it . . . I’m afraid I’m going to enjoy the warm, if we don’t go directly to +30C, but once it’s that hot, it’s hard to sleep at night. We have to keep the windows and balcony doors open to cool off a bit at night, but then the emergency vehicles, motorbikes and regular traffic go on all night . . . life isn’t perfect, though, and you’d think that by now I’d have accepted that . . . One thing with your winter; you can spend part of it planning for the next garden year. I still enjoy making up garden plans and house plans, too . . . great fun! Hugs back to you from chilly Edmonton. 🙂

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