I’m going to answer the new questions from Tom of the TechnoTeam blog. My answers are in red.  ~ Linne  (just noticed that I forgot to add a title! no idea how that happened 😦  )

Hi there! Here are some new questions for the challenge if you don’t like the other questions or have seen some answers to the other questions:
1. What is Google and Yahoo?

Google and Yahoo are search engines.

2. What company is Tim Cook currently the CEO of?
Not a clue, sorry.

3. What’s the difference between and

I would assume the ‘org’ is a site for the organization and the ‘com’ is for the commercial enterprise online. But really, I’m not so clear on this . . .

4. Is Google Chrome a web browser?


5. What does RAM stand for with computers?

Random Access Memory

6. WWW is an abbreviation of what?

Word Wide Web (my Spidey-sense tells me so)

7. Is CPU and a processor the same thing?

Well, CPU means Central Processing Unit, so far as I remember, so I have to say yes.

8. What technology company is Bill Gates currently the chairman of?


9. Who designs the PlayStation range of gaming consoles?

Atari? I like gaming, but know nothing about the consoles. Mostly I stick to Dungeon Siege. Well, I did, in the days when I had time to waste . . .

10. Who designs the Lumia range of smartphones?

Not Apple. Guess that’s not an answer, either. Hmmm. Microsoft? no idea, honestly . . .

Some of the questions have yes or no answers and some don’t.

Enjoy Blogging and taking part in The Computing Challenge!

that was fun! And a bit humbling . . . but I’ve always said I’m a driver, not a mechanic. I just want the !@#$%^&*()_ things to WORK!  🙂

I can do some techie stuff, but I won’t tell you; your hair will turn white and fall out . . . are you familiar with the phrase ‘winging it’? 

Thanks, Tom. I nominate Narfie7 of The Road to Serendipity for this challenge. I will copy the questions to her blog.

She will not speak to me for some time, unfortunately . . .  but I will still love her . . .  🙂


43 thoughts on “Techno-Quiz

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  2. Ah how LITTLE faith you have in me ma’am 😉 Mr Tom just awarded me 4 out of 10 for my answers and I get a badge (and a banana?). I see he has also decided to follow The Road to Serendipity so methinks he is about to get completely and utterly corrupted…no hope for you sir, run away… run AWAY NOW! 😉

      • Glad to welcome you on board cabin boy Tom. Hopefully me peg-leg keeps me upright and my prospective home-brew ventures don’t topple me and leave me more blind pew than Captain of this motley crew. The good ship Serendipity sets sail every Wednesday. See you then 🙂

      • Thanks, Tom. I like your blog, too. But, as Narfie7 says, you are in danger now . . . here in the Virtual Village we welcome ‘outsiders’ and convert them to our bolshie ways . . .
        I’m involved with supporting my 94 year old Aunty just now, so posting is a bit hit and miss . . . same as my visits to other blogs. So bear with me. Corruption and conversion coming up . . . 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • 🙂 Comes from being the big sister to eight bolshie sibs, plus caring for other people’s kids for a good part of my life.
      Good on you, getting 4/10! I was more lucky than anything . . .

      I love to think of Tom, Will and the gang following you . . . bolshies of the world, lead on . . . the best sort of conversion. Next thing they’ll be posting about what they cook and eat while puzzling over odd IT challenges . . . 🙂

  3. Here are your results for the challenge…

    Firstly, may I just say well done and thank you from me and Will for taking part in this challenge. You could have just said you didn’t want to take part but you didn’t and we appreciate that.

    And here’s your score:
    1. Correct
    2. Tim Cook is currently the CEO of Apple
    3. The .com is a hosted service and the .org is self hosted. That basically means that you use the .com and people who buy their own hosting and domain with out the .com use .org (if that makes any sense).
    4. Correct
    5. Correct and well done!
    6. Your spidey-sense was correct!
    7. Correct
    8. Correct
    9. Sony designs the PlayStation range. Good guess though!
    10. You were very close. It’s Nokia who designs the actual physical phone and it’s Microsoft who develops the operating system and some other software for it.

    Overall, that’s 6/10 (the same as Pauline from The Contended Crafter). Well done as that’s quite a good score.

    I’ll send a link to your The Computing Challenge badge soon. It might end up in your Spam filter so keep an eye out in that.

    Enjoy Blogging and thanks for taking part in The Computing Challenge!

    • The nice thing about these challenges, Tom, is that even when I miss an answer, you give it to me and now I know that wee bit more . . .
      I may have replied before; I’m so behind, I just picked a spot in my comments where I didn’t remember replying and got stuck in . . . 🙂

      • That’s the idea of the challenge and we’re glad you like it. Feel free to nominate more people for the challenge in the future if you like.

        Thanks for taking part in the challenge,
        Tom and Will from TechnoTeamBlog

      • Tom & Will; I think we will need new questions, maybe on a regular basis . . . gotta drag these ‘golden oldies’ into the New Age, right? On the other hand, my Luddite majority argues against that. And on the other hand (how many hands do you see?), it’s such fun to tease . . . 🙂

      • That’s a good idea. We might start releasing new questions once a week soon.

        We’re busy trying to find a new theme for our blog and change a few things so it might be a while though.

        Enjoy Blogging,

      • That sounds great, Tom! I have a few friends who need bringing up to speed (not as though I’m there myself 🙂 )
        It’s always interesting to see how people morph their blogs as they go along. Fun, isn’t it? And also time-consuming . . .

      • It certainly is time-consuming! We’re trying to choose the right theme for our blog and really don’t know where to start.

        Do you have any theme ideas for our blog?

      • Sorry, Tom, it’s been crazy here and I’ve been busy. I’ll give it some thought and pass on any ideas that come my way. You could have a theme and then change it every three months. See, ideas are the easy part . . . 🙂

      • I like that theme change idea! We’ve got a “BETA” site up-and-running for a new site idea. Here’s a link if you want to see it:

      • Tom, sorry, I haven’t had time yet; soon, I hope. It’s been a bit busier than usual for me here. I think beta sites are a great idea!

      • Thanks. I’m currently working on another BETA site.

        It looks like I’m not going to be posting more on TechnoTeamBlog for about another month unfortunately.

  4. So very glad you didn’t nominate me! And do NOT read that as an invitation for future torture thank you very much! 😉
    I don’t think I could have answered any better than you for the record. 🙂

    • Oh, I’m saving you for another one, my dear friend! 🙂 Did I not mention that I have an evil heart? Well, now you know . . . And by the time you’ve done a few, you’ll be well educated. Or how will you keep up to them wee Permies? 🙂

    • Thanks, Pauline! I doubt I did better than you (haven’t had time to finish reading your post yet. lol
      Let ’em laugh, I say. As I also say, “that’s why God created men!” whenever there’s something I could do, but don’t want to . . . 🙂 Sexist, I know . . . but that hasn’t stopped me yet . . . 😉

      • It looks like both Pauline and yourself answered 6/10 correctly (I’ve posted your score in another comment somewhere. Make sure it isn’t in your Spam folder). That’s quite a good score, well done!

        Enjoy Blogging,

    • Nope! See the comments from the T-Team: we did equally well! Honestly, I read a lot of tech stuff in the early days, but I don’t care that much (except when stuff quits working and then I’d rather keep a large rock where the monitor can see it LOL); these days, there’s just too much out there for me to keep up with and I have other interests I’d rather pursue. So it’s right up there with stripping and re-assembling a carburettor . . . 🙂 . . . possible, but highly unlikely to happen . . . They can laugh – it’s good for what ails ’em . . . 🙂

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